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4.1. Registrars must make their renewal fees, post-expiration renewal fees (if different), and redemption/restore fees reasonably available to registered name holders and prospective registered name holders at the time of registration of a gTLD name.
4.1.1. At a minimum, these fees must be clearly displayed on the registrar's website and a link to these fees must be included in the registrar's registration agreements. Registrars who do not offer or provide registrar services through a website must include the fees in their registration agreements.
4.1.2. Additionally, registrars must ensure that these fees are displayed on their resellers' websites.
4.2. Registrars must describe on their websites (if used) the methods used to deliver pre- and post-expiration notifications described in section 2 above.
4.2.1. This description should generally include communications channels/media that will be used and identification of the point of contact to which the notices will be transmitted (e.g., email to registered name holder, telephone call to administrative contact, postal mail to customer, etc.).
4.2.2. Registrars' registration agreements must include either a similar description of its notification methods or a link to the applicable page(s) on its website where this information is available.
4.2.3. Additionally, registrars must ensure that these communication methods are described on their resellers' websites.
4.3. In the event ICANN publishes registrant education materials addressing proper stewardship of domain names and renewal and redemption of gTLD registrations online, registrars must, after reasonable notice from ICANN, make this material (or similar material adapted by the registrar to its specific practices) available to registered name holders by:
4.3.1. including a link to this material in a communication sent to the registered name holder immediately following completion of the registration transaction and in all subsequent Whois data accuracy reminder notices, such as the annual notices required by the Whois Data Reminder Policy <> ; and
4.3.2. displaying a link to this material on the websites through which registrations are offered, in a manner and location that is at least as clear and conspicuous as links to other documents and policies that must be posted by the registrar pursuant to its registrar accreditation agreement and incorporated consensus policies.




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