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AreaKPIICANN's Internal Target
AccuracyPolicy is correctly implemented100%
AccuracyRegistry is updated before notifying requester of allocation100%
Timeliness & Process QualityNo more than two replies to the requester:
1) AUTO- ACK from the ticketing system;
2) notification of allocation
TransparencyMake ICANN's public announcement about the allocation within two business days of updating the registry100%


Consultation Questions

ICANN is seeking feedback on performance standards for the IANA Function related to allocation of Internet Numbers. Comments are welcome on any aspect of the performance standards, and specifically on the following questions:

1. Are the KPIs and targets developed by ICANN meaningful performance standards for delivering the IPv4 allocation service, the IPv6 allocation service, and the AS Number allocation service?
2. Are there other KPIs that might be good measures of successful performance of the IPv4 allocation service, IPv6 allocation service, and the AS Number allocation service?
3. In what formats would you like the results reported to the community?
4. Do you have additional input on suitable performance standards for the allocation of
Internet of Internet Numbering Resources?