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  • COMPLETED-Staff are to send out a call for comments by 29-May-2012
  • COMPLETED-Staff are to send a copy of this document to ICANN to Language Services providing the option for it to be translated now, with the caveat that some paragraphs may change. It is up to Language Services to decide whether they'd get going immediately on the translation, or to wait until final version.
  • COMPLETED-Comments are to close on 14-June-2012 at 23:15 UTC
  • COMPLETED-Updates to the document are to be completed by 17-Jun-2012 and sent to Staff by 23:59 UTC
  • COMPLETED-Staff are to send the new document to be translated as soon as possible
  • Once the document is confirmed as final, Staff are to make the document widely available to ICANN's Community
  • The public comment, once started, will last at least a month -- until early August 2012 and in time for the FCWG to be able to collate and analyse comments in time for amendments and the August ALAC conference call, where the resultingpaper will be put to the ALAC for ratification.


FINAL VERSION-Please click here to download a copy of the document below in PDF format.

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nameR3 Paper - FINAL.pdf


Please click here to download a copy of the document below in PDF format.

nameR3 Paper.pdf