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  Gisella Gruber-White:Welcome to the LACRALO Candidates for ALAC Members Meeting on Thursday 9 August 2012 at 2200 UTC
  Antonio Medina Gomez:buenas tardes
  Gisella Gruber-White:buenas tardes Antonio y Sergio
  Silvia Vivanco:Buenas tardes
  alfredo lopez:Buenas tardes, un saludo muy especial a todos
  Sylvia Herlein:buenas tardes a todos/ Hello everybody
  alfredo lopez:Estare por un rato, ya que tengo que dictar clase en la Universidad, luego se conectara Philippe
  vanda:ola a todos, how about you all?
  Sylvia Herlein:
  Natalia Enciso:Hola
  Sylvia Herlein:este es el link de la agenda, donde podrán ver los links de los SOI de cada uno de los participantes
  Silvia Vivanco:Hola Vanda
  Fatima Cambronero:hola a todos
  Natalia Enciso:Gisella I have to ask for a dial-out please
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Hello everyone!
  Gisella Gruber-White:Philippe - please identify yourself - what if your full name?
  Philippe:Philippe Boland de enREDo
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ Vanda - are you joining the phone line?
  sergio salinas porto:hola a todos
  sergio salinas porto:hello all
  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:Hi everyone, Carlos Aguirre here !
  sergio salinas porto:hola philippe!
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ Philippe - thank you very much
  Philippe:Bonsoir a tous Hello all Hola a todos
  Gisella Gruber-White:Humberto and Vanda have joined the call
  Gisella Gruber-White:PLEASE MUTE YOUR LINES if you are in a noisy place
  vanda:ola Humberto
  sergio salinas porto:silencien los telefonos en el canal de español por favor
  vanda:mucho ruido en la linea
  Silvia Vivanco:Gracias el canal en espanol esta bien ahora
  Humberto:me desconecte
  Gisella Gruber-White:Mute *6 and unmute *7
  Humberto:pero estoy llamando de nuevo
  sergio salinas porto:ok te esperamos
  Humberto:ya estoy de nuevo
  Humberto:en la conferencia
  vanda:please  add my name to the spanish participants list
  Gisella Gruber-White:yes vanda
  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:please ad my name too
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ Carlos Aguirre - your name is ont he list
  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:thnak GG
  Sylvia Herlein:juan manuel is also in spanish
  Gisella Gruber-White:Thank you
  Gisella Gruber-White:Carlton has joined the Adobe Connect
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ Sylvia - Juan Manuel not on the call - I have corrected
  Carlton Samuels:Helleo Everyone
  Gisella Gruber-White:Quetison from Roosevelt
  Carlton Samuels:and My Dear Gisella
  Juan Manuel Rojas:Yes Gisella, I am in the Call. ;)
  Gisella Gruber-White:Welcome Juan Manuel - I will add your name and welcome Carlton
  Juan Manuel Rojas:Thanks
  Gisella Gruber-White:PLEASE mute your lines when you are not speaking. Thank you
  Gisella Gruber-White:CIntra has joined the English channel
  Gisella Gruber-White:Roosevelt has a question on the English Channel
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Question from Roosevelt
  Gisella Gruber-White:Roosevelt is NOT on the Adobe Connect so is NOT able to put his hand up
  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:pido la palabra!
  Silvia Vivanco:Okay Sylvia Herlein is repeating what Jose has said
  Silvia Vivanco:because he is on a mobile phone with background nose
  Silvia Vivanco:noise
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ Sylvia - please, Roosevelt has a question
  Antonio Medina Gomez 2:si
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ the Spanish channel - please Roosevelt has a question and is not on the Adobe Connect
  Gilberto Lara:No se si puedo tener microfono por Adobe?
  Sylvia Herlein:one moment roosvelt
  Gilberto Lara:En caso que no: quisiera que no perdamos el tiempo en discusiones que no van con el objetivo de esta llamada que es oir a los candidatos y candidata
  vanda:i guess we need to go ahead and give the floor to Fatima and the other...
  Gilberto Lara:se supone que ya tenemos 3 candidatos, después de esto será otra cosa si solo terminan 1, 2, los 3 o ninguno
  Gilberto Lara:gracias
  sergio salinas porto:hola gilberto!!!!!!
  Natalia Enciso:si no se escucha bien
  Gilberto Lara:hola Sergio
  Sylvia Herlein:Alguna pregunta /  any question??
  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:Humberto mentioned that He have suffered critics . I wnat to mention that we (me and others) only mentioned our OP and specific rules . We have  rules  and we need to respect them. We have a serious situation and is needed to clarify inmediatly to avoid a violations and disrespect of our OP.
  Natalia Enciso:Las preguntas se hara por escrito en el chat?
  Sylvia Herlein:please write here
  Sylvia Herlein:las  2 formas
  Sylvia Herlein:levantando la manno tb, pero tenemos solo 15 minutos
  Natalia Enciso:Una pregunta para los 3: Ademas de ICANN en que otros foros de Gobernanza de Internet participan y como piensan que favorece su actuación en nuestro ralo?
  Natalia Enciso:Otra para los 3: que temas de politicas de ICANN en estudio les interesan y como favorecerá a la Región su aporte?
  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:Q. to Humberto and Dev : I want to ask to HC & Dev, how many people are part of  their organizations and waht are they doing in benefit of the end users in their countries in the last year, and if they can give us some link where we can see these activities.
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ Antonio - your line is muted as tere was noise (la línea está en silencio ya que no había ruido)
  Natalia Enciso:english: Apart form ICANN in what other Internet Gobernance fora do you participate, and how that does benefits the ralo?
  Sylvia Herlein:las preguntas so para los 3
  Natalia Enciso:Si Sylvia, yo la hice para los 3
  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:clarification. I didnt mention in my Q  to Fatima, because I know what she are doing, sorry , but will be interesting hear she mention her activities
  Natalia Enciso:the second question: What icann policy are you intrested in and how your iput will benefit the ralo?
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ Vanda - we have muted your line as you were coughing
  Roosevelt King:I have a serious problem with the manner in which the business is conducted by the Secretariat and the Chairperson. If it was the case that the secretariat wanted tio defer any decision on Humberto's candidacy, then the way to do that is to ask participants to defer this decison not to make a decision to defer and impose it on participants. Secondly, the question of Humberto studying overseas does not disqualify him. His residence is his home and unless he has documents  changing his citizenship, then there is no reason to debar him from the election.
  Roosevelt King:LACRALO is the only ICANN meeting that I have attended where everything on the Adobe room is in Spanish; especially the notes. English is the official language of ICANN.
  vanda:I understood  some colleagues had constrains regarding his candidacy, I agree with you Roosevelt that to be studying in Europe is not a an issue to desqualified him. I beleive to hear tall cnadidates as today was a good decision.
  Roosevelt King:Vanda, it is not the decision, but the manner in which the decision is made and implemented. We are not children or robots.
  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:5 minutes more please
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:Staff checked with the interpreters and yes, an extension is possible
  vanda:I had not this impression, but understand your position.
  Juan Manuel Rojas:How many time we will be adding?
  vanda:10 minutes I guess
  Antonio Medina Gomez 2:se pueden realizar preguntas en los proximos dias?
  Gisella Gruber-White:@ Sylvia - Jose Arce disconnected.
  vanda:entendo que si Antonio.
  Antonio Medina Gomez 2:Gracias Vanda
  vanda:debemos tener claro cuale es el tiempo para estas preguntas
  vanda:hasta cuando podemos hacerlas
  Sylvia Herlein:tenemos 10 minutos
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:
  Sylvia Herlein:si, por favor envien las preguntas a la lista que yo las pondre todas juntas
  Antonio Medina Gomez:Sylvia creo que vanda pregunta por una fecha en la que podemos hacer preguntas a los 3 candidatos
  Carlton Samuels 2:@Roosevelt: to be fair to the Chair, he made a lot of effort to get feedback before the call.  I think it was the right call
  Antonio Medina Gomez:y cual es la fecha limite para hacer pñreguntas
  Humberto:para avanzar con los links
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh: videos
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Youtube channel :
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Photos :
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Our Facebook page :
  Sylvia Herlein:fecha limite para preguntas = 11 /08/2012 23:59 UTC
  Juan Manuel Rojas:Disculpen todos, debo retirarme.
  Humberto:que paso???
  Gilberto Lara:que paso?
  Juan Manuel Rojas:Hasta pronto
  Sylvia Herlein:gracias Juan
  Sylvia Herlein:infelizmente cuando Fatima y humeberto respondan la pregunta de sergio ya estaremos pasados de tiempo. LO lamento mucho, pero deberemos terminar la teleconferencia despues d ela respuesta de HUmberto
  Natalia Enciso:agree Dev
  Roosevelt King:@Cartlon, it was the manner in which it came across... that a decision was made. the feedback was not necessary, it should have been for the secretariat to ask participants not to discuss this but not to announce that a decision was made. Made by whom? Does the Chairman or even the secretariat have a mandate to make such a decision? What kind of democracy is that?
  Sylvia Herlein:le pido a Roosvelt y Carlton que envien su/s preguntas por escrito
  sergio salinas porto:good contribution Dev Tks!
  Silvia Vivanco:Sylvia Herlein is asking Roosevelt and Carlton to please send their questions in writing, given that the time is up
  Silvia Vivanco:and interpreters need to stop
  Natalia Enciso:Thanks to all the candidates.
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:thank you for this excellent call! Very good to see rel discussion!
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Thank you for the questions
  Natalia Enciso:buenas noches
  sergio salinas porto:bya alllll
  vanda:gracias pro aclarar el tema del plazo sylvia. buenas noches a todos. Good night to all!
  sergio salinas porto:chau a todossssssssssss
  Carlos Dionisio Aguirre:gracias a todos excelente teleconf
  Olivier Crepin-Leblond:real discussion
  Fatima Cambronero:muchas gracias a todos/thanks to all, bye
  Humberto:muchas gracias y buenas noches
  Dev Anand Teelucksingh:Thank you everyone
  Silvia Vivanco:Buenas noches y gracias
  Philippe:Bonne nuit
  Silvia Vivanco:Thank you to our interpreters
  Humberto:que descansen
  Cintra Sooknanan:bye everyone and goodluck to teh candidates
  vanda:thanks for the candidates to take the tiem to enlight us!
  vanda:good luck to all!
  Sylvia Herlein:gracias Sabrina y David por darnos mas tiempo!!!!
  Sylvia Herlein:gracias a Gisella y Silvia!!!!
  vanda:thank you Sabrina and David!
  Gisella Gruber-White:Thank you everyone!
  Philippe:Merci a tous
  Gisella Gruber-White:Merci et bonne fin de soiree