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  • WHOIS Policy Final Review Team - 'Resolved (2012.06.23.26), the Board encourages public input on the Final Report and Recommendations, and requests that the ASO, ccNSO, GNSO, ALAC, GAC, and SSAC provide input to the Board by 31 August 2012' (see - does the GNSO Council want to provide input and if so, how to proceed?

  • GNSO Review – does the GNSO Council want to send a message to the SIC or set up a discussion with regard to its views on the next GNSO Review?
  • One additional item we might consider adding is a discussion of how the GNSO Council would like to engage in a dialogue of next steps re: IRD WG report and recommendations, with the idea that a GNSO view (or views if diverse) could be forwarded to the Board by a certain time.