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Notes/ Action Items

2.RDRS Usage Report
          a.Overview of Changes from Last Report (ICANN org Support Staff)
          b.Reactions from Standing Committee
o    Metric 9 doesn’t seem to correspond to metric 2 and 3? Number seem not to match.
AI: ICANN Org to share concerns with the metrics team to provide more clarification on numbers.
o    No total number of requests that are rejected. Staff pointed to Metric 10 that answers that question.
o    Number of participating registrars that received requests  per month seems to be not shown in metrics.
o    Metric 3 and 4 show numbers of new requests made per month – in this case March.
AI: ICANN Org to cross-check numbers as the new numbers seem too high for a month.
o    Metric 8 to 22: Is this self-reported? Or who makes that assessment in terms of requestor categorization? Category is based on request type.
o    More of the requestors data to be mandatory when submitting a request. Address and Phone number may be requested as mandatory by RrSG (Sarah Wyld will check to ensure all RrSG agrees) in order to make disclosure determination.
AI: ICANN Org to investigate the effort for above change (making address and phone number required) and consider data privacy aspects of requesting additional PII.
o    Does the person creating the ICANN account confirm their Email address? ICANN Org performs Email verification. The Email is not re-verified regularly. Should the latter be reconsidered?

3.RDRS Usage Metrics Report Summary Data CSV
·         Interest in Sankey graphics to present data. Staff to discuss what is possible. 
AI: ICANN Org to potentially release a CSV file for members to create individual charts. 
 4.Privacy/Proxy responses in RDRS (Sebastien’s 14 March email – see attached)
o    How are requests involving P/P data should be handled? Metric 14 was being treated as the response was publicly available. What was the reasoning? If the answer is Privacy/Proxy is the response “success” or “failure”. There are multiple types of publicly available information.  E.g.:  We could add subcategories to "Public" as subcategories of "Proxy-Affiliated" and "Proxy-NonAffiliated".
o    Difficult to assess as the PPSAI discussion is not complete yet.
o    RDRS has pilot of 2 years. PPSAI might take more time, so SC must find alternative.
AI: ICANN Org to help with user guides and additional wording for FAQs. Gather small group from SC to work on these.
     5.Denial responses and explanation in RDRS
·         Explain further “denial- needing more information form requestor”. Pending status. At some point tickets should get closed automatically if requestor doesn’t reply with more information. What should the standardized time frame for “pending” status be? 1 month? More or less?
AI: ICANN Org to go through impressions document [] to check for further list of improvements posed by SGs. 
AI: SC Group is encouraged to add modification requests to that document [] and to prioritize the list of improvements.