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  1. Welcome and SOIs
  2. Review final revised language for Guidance Recommendations #1, #5, and preamble text on dependencies for #7-#9.  See below and document TBD.documents at: [Draft] Final Report 27 Nov 2023 - Rec 1.docx and [Draft] Final Report 27 Nov 2023 - Rec 5.docx

           a. GR#1: Implementation Guidance: "Target potential applicants from the not-for-profit sector, social enterprises and/or community organizations from under-served and developing regions and countries. This should not exclude any entities from outreach efforts, such as private sector entities [from developing/underrepresented regions], recognizing the goal is to get as many qualifying applicants as possible."

           b.GR#5: Retain language, or similar, “This should be considered a floor, not a ceiling, and ICANN should strive to exceed this minimum.” In addition, add to the rationale that adequate resources should be made available if the number of qualified applicants exceeds or greatly exceeds the indicator of success, since the indicator of success should be seen as a floor, not a ceiling.

          c.Preamble text for GR#7-#9:  Per the GNSO Guidance Process Manual, “…it is recommended that the GNSO Council take into account whether the GGP Team has indicated that any recommendations contained in the Final Report are interdependent.”[1]Accordingly, the GNSO working group emphasizes that the Implementation Review Team (IRT) should take into consideration potential dependencies among all the recommendations.  In particular with respect to Guidance Recommendations 7, 8, and 9 relating to recommending a methodology for allocating financial support where there is inadequate funding for all qualified applicants, the working group clarifies that these recommendations are to be interpreted as interdependent and that the objectives therein are to be balanced as a key aspect of the program’s success.”

    3.Plan for review of draft Final Report – Consensus Designations and final Guidance Recommendations, rationale, and public comment review summary:

  • Per the GNSO Guidance Process Manual: “Each recommendation in the Final Report should be accompanied by the appropriate consensus level designation (see section 3.6 – Standard Methodology for Making Decisions in the GNSO Working Group Guidelines).” These designations will be included in Appendix C in the Final Report.
  • Send Final Report for review for non-substantive changes, if any, along with a Consensus Call confirming consensus levels in Appendix C per the Work Plan on Tuesday, 28 November  to Tuesday, 05 December.
  • Meeting on Monday, 04 December:
    • Confirm minor (non-substantive) changes, if any, to the Final Report.
    • Confirm consensus designations for each Guidance Recommendation.

   4.Next Steps: Deliver Final Report to Council no later than 11 December.