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Notes/ Action Items


Main discussion and action items

1. Welcome and Chair Updates

  • The meeting commenced with welcoming all attendees. There were no specific updates from the chair.

2. ICANN79 TPR Sessions Debrief

  1. Clarification was made regarding the use of two colors of highlights in the presentation, where yellow indicated changes to the draft language, and blue highlighted points for discussion.
  2. Preliminary recommendation 1.1 was updated to clarify changes to registrant data, particularly concerning email addresses.
  3. Examples were sought to understand non-material changes to email addresses.
  4. Recommendation 3.4 sparked considerable discussion during the session, particularly regarding opt-out options and notification methods.
  5. Concerns were raised about potential contradictions between recommendations 3.3 and 3.4 regarding notification methods.
  6. Group consensus leaned towards including SMS and other secure communication methods as an option for notifications alongside email. 
  7. There was uncertainty regarding the inclusion of an opt-out option and its implications.
  8. Discussion ensued on whether to make the opt-out option mandatory or optional for registrars, with consideration for guardrails.
  9. Questions arose regarding notifications to new email addresses following an update, prompting further deliberation.
  10. The current consensus favored retaining the opt-out option as optional for registrars.
  11. Recommendation 3.7 was discussed regarding the consolidation of notifications and verification requests.
  12. There was a proposal to change recommendation 4 from "must" to "may" regarding opt-out provisions.

2b. Poll Questions

  • Poll questions [] were proposed to clarify outstanding issues related to opt-out.
  • Consideration was given to whether opt-out should apply to changes in email addresses and the scope of opt-out concerning different types of data changes.
  • Scenarios were presented to illustrate different opt-out cases.
  • Discussion continued on whether the opt-out option should be mandatory or optional for registrars.
  • The group expressed interest in making the opt-out option optional, with specified parameters.

2c. Established Relationships (time permitting)

  • Red-lined Recommendation 17 from Group One was discussed, particularly focusing on established relationships.
  • Proposed revisions to Recommendation 17 aimed to provide flexibility for registrars while addressing security concerns.
  • Concerns were raised regarding the lack of a clear definition for established relationships and the potential risks associated with them.
  • Staff emphasized the need for strong rationale to justify lessening the 30-day transfer restriction.

3. Any Other Business (AOB)

  • No additional topics were raised.