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h4. [Pour traduire en Français|AFRALO:Wiki translation instructions, FR]

h1. What is AFRALO?

h2. Welcome to the online home of the At-Large (individual Internet user community) for the African region, providing news, key resources and interactive features for information sharing for individuals and end-user groups in the African region interested in ICANN and shaping the future of the Internet.\\  \\


* [What is ICANN?|]
* [What is At-Large?|]
* [How do I get involved?|]
* [What type of groups can be At-Large Structures?|]
* [Why become an At-Large Structure?|]
* [AFRALO ALSes|afralo:AFRALO ALSes]
* [AFRALO Brochure|]


h3. {color:#86b300}[AFRALO Dakar Events|AFRALO Dakar Events]{color}{color:#86b300}: {color} next meeting [Thursday, 08 September 2011 at 1700 UTC|]

h4. 04 June 2011: The ExCom _has requested that each RALO prepare a statement summarizing its thoughts on the Draft FY12 Operating Plan and Budget.  The deadline for the ALAC's statement on this topic is 17 June, so the regional comments will need to be complete well before then \-\- please target the week of 6 June for the completion of regional commetns.  Click here for the AFRALO workspace for working on this:  __[AFRALO comment on Draft FY12 Operating Plan and Budget|]__.h4. \_20 April 2011{_}In its last meeting, the ExCom requested feedback from each RALO about its current communication needs and its interest in collaborating on them with ICANN Communications.  For examples, please see the At-Large material on \[{color:#003366}ICANN's E-Learning page{color}\|\].  Staff will contact each RALO about this.

h4. 16 March 2011: African ICANN Community Adopts a Statement of the ICANN African Community on ICANN Geographic Regions Review

AFRALO and AFrICANN adopted a Statement from the African ICANN community during their meeting at the ICANN Silicon Valley Meeting in San Francisco on 16 March 2011. The Statement of the ICANN African Community on ICANN Geographic Regions Review ([EN|], [FR|]) was submitted to the ICANN Board by Tijani Ben Jemaa on behalf of the African ICANN Community.

h4. 25 January 2011: Please contribute to the [SWOT Analysis of At-Large Improvements WT C|AFRALO:AFRALO input into WT C SWOT analyses]

h4. 5 January 2011: AFRALO releases [Draft Action Plan for 2011|] (pdf)

h4. 7 December 2010: African ICANN Community Publishes Statement on New gTLDs and Volunteer Participation in ICANN

AFRALO and AfrICANN endorsed two Statements from the African ICANN community during their[joint meeting|] in Cartagena on 7 December 2010: The [Statement in Support for New gTLD Applicants - Cartagena|^Support for new gTLD applicants_Cartagena Statement final.pdf] and the [Statement on African Participation|^Statement on African Participation - Final.pdf] were submitted to the ICANN Board by Tijani Ben Jemaa on behalf of the African ICANN community. They were also endorsed by the ALAC and added to the ALAC Chair's report to the Board of ICANN. In addition to that, the Statement on new gTLDs was also submitted to the [public consultation|] on the Draft Final Guidebook for new gTLD applicants and the Joint SO/AC Working Group on new gTLDs. 

* *Next AFRALO Teleconference*: [07 September 2011|] 
* AFRALO Dakar Events: [03 August 2011|]
* Latest AFRALO Teleconference: [13 July 2011|AFRALO:AFRALO 13.07.11 Teleconference]
* AFRALO Geo Regions Teleconference: [25 January 2011|AFRALO:AFRALO Geo Regions 25.01.11 Teleconference]
* AFRALO/AfrICANN Preparation meeting for San Francisco: [21 February 2011|AFRALO:AFRALO AfrICANN Meeting San Francisco 21.02.11 Teleconference]
* [AFRALO Secretariat Monthly Reports] 
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* [Policy Development Schedule|] \- See what Policy Statements the At-Large Community is currently working on.
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* [Where can I get more information?|]
* [Where do I find the Application Forms?|]


* [APRALO|APRALO:]: Asian/Australian/Pacific RALO
* [LACRALO|LACRALO:]: Latin America and the Caribbean RALO
* [NARALO|NARALO:]: North American RALO
* [At-Large official website|]
* [At-Large mailing lists|] \- Join the debate online
* [ICANN official website|]
* {color:#ff0000}{*}NEW\!*{color} [ICANN E-Learning page|] \- includes various At-Large materials