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The current draft of the Final Report can be found on the JAS WG main landing wiki page.

Earlier drafts, however, can be found below.

Final_Report_JASWG (Sept 2011)_English

Final_Report_JASWG (Sept 2011)_French

Final_Report_JASWG (Sept 2011)_Spanish

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110913 (RHv4SGv1)(clean)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110913 (RHv2SGv1)(redline)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110913 (RHv1SGv1)(redline)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110909 (RHv1SGv2LLv1)(redline)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110909 (RHv1SGv2LLv1)(clean)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110906 (RHv3SGv3)(redline)[1]
Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110906 (RHv3SGv3)(clean)[1]

Michele's comments re 20110902 (RHv1SGv2)

Tijani's alternative pars 65-81 of 20110902 (RHv1SGv2)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110902 (RHv1SGv2)(redline)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110902 (RHv1SGv2)(clean)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110902 (RHv1SGv1)(redline)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110902 (RHv1SGv1)(clean)




Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110824 (RHv2SGv1)(redline)

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_20110824 (RHv2SGv1)(clean)

20110822 Redline

20110822 Clean Copy

20110818 Redline

20110818 Clean Copy

20110814 draft

Below are diffrent file formats of the initial draft final report. It uses the structure from the Milestone Report published last year. Content use is a combination of the candidate text from the Wiki + subpages and references. Note there are 3 versions of the same document (.docx + doc + pdf) for your convenience. Content should be the same.


Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_July2011 - Copy.doc

Draft_Final_Report_JASWG_July2011 - Copy.pdf