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B. Brendler (BB), G. Bruen (GB,) M. Chartrand (MC), E. Diaz (ED), A. Greenberg (AG), E. Leibovitch (EL), G. Shearman (GS), D. Younger (DY)


H. Ullrich (HU)

Draft Summary Minutes

The action items of the previous NARALO call on 10 August were reviewed and were seen to have been carried out.

Development of Process to select the At-Large Voting Board Director

A single issue call on the issue of the At-Large community’s process for the selection of a voting Board Director is to be set up for 21 September at 19:00 UTC.

NARALO Board Liaison Elections
During the meeting, the results of the election held to determine NARALO member preference regarding candidates for Board Liaision were announced. EL noted that both ALSs and unaffiliated individuals were represented in this vote according to NARALO operating procedures. Agreement was reached by consensus that NARALO would put forward the names of two candidates for the ALAC to consider for Board Liaison. The names, in order of preference, are: Seth Reiss and Alan Greenberg.

ALAC response to recent activities of the NCUC

It was decided by full consensus, that NARALO would formally make a request to the ALAC to oppose the one-year delay of approval of the NCSG charter that is being proposed by NCUC in its August 18 letter to the ICANN CEO and Board. It was strongly felt that the restructuring should not be substantially delayed, simply to buy time to re-make arguments that have already been made.

Planning for Seoul Meeting

Staff encouraged NARALO members to add their suggested agenda items to the At-Large Seoul Meeting Agenda.

EL noted that there would not be a NARALO meeting taking place in Seoul as the differences in time-zones would make such a call inconvenient.

WHOIS Accuracy

DY noted his concern about the use of incorrect or missing WHOIS data to reduce the accountability of registrants acting in bad faith. ALAC should be asked for a response. BB supported DY’s motion. EL stated that if the ALAC does not agree to make such a statement, NARALO would do so. DY and GB were asked to follow up with the ALAC on this issue. AG noted that given the heavy ALAC agenda for the meeting of 22 September, the issue would likely need to wait to be placed on the ALAC agenda until the ALAC meeting taking place during the Seoul meeting. It was agreed that BB, GB, and DY will draft a statement on this issue off-line. BB will take the NARALO statement to the ALAC meeting in Seoul for the ALAC to endorse.