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EURALO Flyer Project Profile

What is it?

EURALO Leaflet/ Brochure (printed)

Size / number of pages or words

Fits on one sheet of paper, both sides, two or tri-fold? Easy readable explanation of EURALO work

What is the main point we are communicating?

To interest readers in joining EURALO as ALS and add to its work

Who is the main person we are writing to?

Average Internet users, non-technical; none or minimal knowledge about ICANN.

If there is a secondary audience, who is it?

More technical users, who did not realize there are ways to participate in ICANNs work.

What do we want the reader to do or feel because of seeing this piece?

Get interested in ICANN, visit our website, get acquainted with what we do and apply to become an ALS.

How will the reader get this?

Will be distributed in different events and conferences.

How will we measure whether or not this piece is successful?

Aiming for at last 1 new application from the European region.

Other descriptive notes /Considerations

This is intended to be the official paper presentation material for EURALO