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• Proposed Framework for ICANN's FY10 Operating Plan and Budget
AI H Ullrich to inform W Ludwig on the follow up on the draft budget statement written by V Bertola

• ALAC Review WG Draft Final Report
A Peake will draft a statement on behalf of Euralo and poste it on the Euralo discussion- list.

• New gTLD Draft Applicant Guidebook, Version 2 (V2)
A Peake will rework a draft statement based on that information on behalf of Euralo and submit it to the discussion list
30 April is the deadline for the Euralo comments, and then the statement will be sent to the Icann board.

• Staff is currently working on the video showed at the summit closure and will have the speeches transcribed into Spanish and English soon.

• There will be a second EuroDIG in September 2009 in Geneva (opportunity for outreach activities), updates and information how to participate will be posted on EURALO list. W Ludwig will try to participate at it. It will be discussed in the next teleconference.
Put it as a standing item for the next teleconference.

• H Ullrich will discuss with N Ashton-Hart the best way to enforce the Euralo outreach budget and the role of the ALAC budget committee and inform W Ludwig about the formal procedure to have the EURALO budget accepted by ICANN.