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The ATLAS II Recommendations Implementation Report

This report was submitted to the ICANN Board on 7 November 2016.  For complete historical information on the implementation of the recommendations, visit the At-Large workspace: Post ATLAS II Implementation - Recommendations and the At-Large website:

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nameATLAS II Recommendations Implementation Report.pdf

Recommendation DescriptionCurrent Phase

Recommendation 1

Endorsed by the ALAC by consensus, this ATLAS II Recommendation Implementation Report is the final deliverable of the Taskforce, which serves as a conclusion to the two-year endeavors post ATLAS II. The completion of the ATLAS II Recommendation implementation and the submission of this Report does not imply the end of their relevance. Quite the contrary, ATLAS II Recommendations have been deeply ingrained in the mission of the AtLarge Community and incorporated in its ongoing activities to further the aforementioned goals in the Declaration. There is also a growing recognition that ICANN is behooved to move in the direction pointed by the ATLAS II output. Such recognition has been reflected in ICANN Staff departments' efforts and commitments in collaborating with the At-Large Community, fulfilling the requirements in the Recommendations, and ensuring that they have a lasting impact.