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EPDP Phase 2 – Operational Design Assessment (ODA) Analysis


On 3 December 2021, Philippe Fouquart shared on the GNSO Council mailing list that the SSAD ODP Team is in the process of finalizing its analysis, including work related to the SSAD Cost Model. As such, and in connection with the Council’s request for a consultation (as captured in the Recommendations Report and elsewhere) with the ICANN Board related to concerns around financial sustainability, the next phase of that consultation will be scheduled in January 2022.

Ahead of the January consultation, an update session for the Council and GNSO appointed EPDP Team members was scheduled for 20 December 2021, focusing on the SSAD Cost Model information. During that meeting, the Council, GNSO appointed EPDP Team members, and GDPR Board Caucus members discussed the findings from the Operational Design Assessment (presentation) and the implications on the viability of the SSAD. On 4 January 2022, Philippe Fouquart shared a summary paper capturing the different ideas and suggestions that were made during that meeting. The Council scheduled a follow-on call on Wednesday 12 January 2022 to determine if there is convergence within the Council on possible next steps (see recordingpresentation as well as follow up email sent on 17th January 2022 with an updated SSAD ODP Next Steps document). While the Council received an early update, a general webinar on the SSAD ODP was held on 18 January 2022.

During its meeting on 20 January, the Council further considered procedural options (see slides), as well as the proposed approach for analyzing the ODA which is seen as an essential step before being able to make any determination about next steps. The Council considers that a small team of Council members with the support of EPDP Team representatives would be best positioned to analyze the ODA and provide guidance to the Council on possible next steps.

The Council met with the ICANN Board on 27 January (see recording) as the next step in its consultation related to concerns around financial sustainability of the SSAD. In advance of that meeting, the ICANN Board sent the GNSO Council a letter outlining some of its concerns as well as questions it hoped to receive input on from the Council.


The small team is expected to consider the concerns outlined in the ICANN Board letter and with these concerns in mind analyze the SSAD ODA and provide the Council with its feedback on:

  • Whether the ODA has correctly interpreted the intent of the SSAD recommendations in the proposed implementation;
  • Whether the ODA has overlooked any key aspects of the SSAD recommendations that should be factored in by the ICANN Board when it considers the recommendations;
  • Its view on the concerns identified by the ICANN Board and potential options that could be considered, either in the form of changes to the proposed implementation or the policy recommendations themselves, to address these concerns (note, these are expected to be high level suggestions at this stage);
  • Any other aspects that help inform the Council’s deliberations and consultation with the ICANN Board.


The Council is eager to make progress in its consultations with the ICANN Board but understands that the analysis of the ODA will require time and consultation. The small team is expected to discuss early on the timeframe in which it expects to complete its analysis, taking into account the Council’s desire to continue the consultation with the ICANN Board as soon as possible.


The small team is expected to consist of interested Council members and EPDP Phase 2 members. At a minimum, a representative of each GNSO SG/C is expected to participate. Council leadership will also extend an invitation to the ICANN Board liaison to the EPDP Phase 2 (Becky Burr). EPDP Phase 2 members of ICANN Advisory Committees are also welcome to volunteer.

Volunteers to date:

  • Sebastien Ducos (Council leadership - lead)
  • Thomas Rickert (ISPCP)
  • Stephanie Perrin (NCSG)
  • Marc Anderson (RySG)
  • Paul McGrady (NomCom Appointee to the GNSO Council)
  • John McElwaine (IPC)
  • Laureen Kapin / Chris Lewis-Evans (GAC - shared membership)
  • Alan Greenberg (ALAC)
  • Sarah Wyld (RrSG)
  • Steve DelBianco (BC)
  • Olga Cavalli (NomCom Appointee to the GNSO Council)


  • Greg DiBiase (RrSG)


Operational Design Assessment

EPDP Phase 2 Final Report


Next Steps