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00:20:04 Lutz Donnerhacke: Sorry, I'm late … Family dinner.
00:20:53 Natalia Filina: welcome @Lutz!
00:21:12 Roberto Gaetano: Is EuroDIG 2022 no longer an option for the AGM?
00:21:21 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: Is holding the f2f at the 2022 EuroDIG still a possibility?
00:22:08 Roberto Gaetano: The difference is that while ICANN is worldwide, EuroDIG is European only
00:22:28 Roberto Gaetano: the date - to be confirmed - is 20-22 June
00:22:33 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: @Roberto, the EuroDIG will be held in Trieste, correct?
00:22:50 Roberto Gaetano: @Heidi correct
00:23:21 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: Thank you.
00:26:30 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: @Sebastien, are all the speakers confirmed?
00:27:01 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: Would you like to invite Chris Mondini to speak about GSE European plans?
00:27:23 Matthias Hudobnik: 
00:27:34 Matthias Hudobnik: I will be there
00:33:27 Natalia Filina: I will answer tonight to your email @Yrjo Thank you!
00:41:01 Gisella Gruber - ICANN Org: Sorry page loading
00:41:45 Sébastien Bachollet:
00:47:13 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: Will do! All still very early planning.
00:50:31 Natalia Filina: another separate meeting it may be
00:58:18 Joanna Kulesza: :)
00:58:25 Joanna Kulesza: I'll always vote for Anne-Marie!
00:58:52 Roberto Gaetano: may we also know the answer? 
01:01:07 Gisella Gruber - ICANN Org: Some have been updated. Others are in progress
01:01:18 Roberto Gaetano: Maybe we can have a short discussion on the Board email list to figure out what is preventing more people to put their candidature
01:03:42 Roberto Gaetano: could be a good idea
01:04:40 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: Matthias, will you be on the ground or virtual? Also, could you please put your panel details on the workshop?
01:04:43 Joanna Kulesza: @Roberto, while this is to be discussed, I'd vote for the Pareto principle as the key argument here :]
01:05:30 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: @Matthiais, the workspace is at:
01:05:34 Matthias Hudobnik: I will give you the infos
01:05:38 Matthias Hudobnik: Heidi
01:06:06 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: Thanks!
01:06:07 Joanna Kulesza: Re: IGF - while I will refrain from increasing the COVID risk by travelling physically to Katowice, to anyone travelling: do feel free to reach out to me once you're here and might need any kind of assistance. These are challenging times and I'm always happy to help and assist the best I can.
01:06:10 Gisella Gruber - ICANN Org: Thank you @Matthias - will wait to receive your information
01:06:44 Joanna Kulesza: Yay GEMS!!!
01:06:48 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: @OCL, please could you send the info on your panel - and, of course, GEMS ?
01:06:49 Matthias Hudobnik:
01:06:54 Matthias Hudobnik: It is this one
01:07:07 Matthias Hudobnik: It needs to be updated with my name
01:07:07 Roberto Gaetano: @JK 
01:07:24 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: Could we get that link promoted?
01:07:40 Matthias Hudobnik: I will send you an email thx Gisella and Heidi
01:07:53 Matthias Hudobnik: Of course Heidi
01:08:27 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: Thanks, Matthias.
01:08:41 Matthias Hudobnik: Great pleasure thank you!
01:09:21 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond: Heidi I will email the details
01:10:28 Natalia Filina: News from IGF Secretariat: All participants who are holding personal written confirmation of participation in IGF 2021 will be allowed entry to Poland without quarantine.
01:11:18 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: Matthias, which number speaker are you?
01:11:20 Pari Esfandiari: Thanks everyone.
01:11:38 Matthias Hudobnik: #13
01:11:39 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: @OCL, please could you send staff the details of the workshop and GEMs you mentioned?
01:12:02 Natalia Filina: Merci Sebastien and all! Take care!
01:12:10 Joanna Kulesza: Thanks all! Keep safe out there!
01:12:11 Mate Mester: Thank you Seb, Everyone, bye!
01:12:11 Heidi Ullrich - ICANN Org: @Matthias, please send me the details via email.
01:12:12 Gisella Gruber - ICANN Org: Thank you all for participating! Speak to you soon
01:12:18 Gisella Gruber - ICANN Org: Please RSVP to the GA invitation
01:12:22 Roberto Gaetano: Bye all!
01:12:22 Matthias Hudobnik: I will Heidi
01:12:33 Lutz Donnerhacke: Cu