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The Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council invites you to attend a webinar to discuss the implementation status of the Policy Development Process (PDP) 3.0 initiative on Tuesday, 15 September 2020 at 21:00 UTC for 90 minutesPlease email for information on how to join.
PDP 3.0 is a GNSO Council initiative designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the GNSO policy development process. The GNSO Council adopted the PDP 3.0 Final Report in February 2020; many work products related to the 14 PDP 3.0 improvements have been deployed in GNSO working groups or used by the GNSO Council.
There are three objectives for this webinar:

  1. Review the purposes and practical examples of the PDP 3.0 work products that have been applied in ongoing GNSO working groups
  2. Begin the preliminary assessment of PDP 3.0 impact
  3. Help other Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees evaluate the applicability of PDP 3.0 improvements in their internal processes. 

In addition, the webinar will also include an introduction of the Consensus Playbook to start the initial community discussion of its contents and practical utility.
Participants are encouraged to join the discussions.


PDP 3.0 Webinar Slides - 15 September


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