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Organization: Cooperation and coordination within the Movement International Committee of the Red Cross

Date of Request: 3 22 September 2019

Dear Members of the Reconvened IRT,


We herewith wish to request that the list of reserved National Red Cross and Red Crescent identifiers as initially submitted to the IRT for the Baphalali Eswatini Red Cross Society (formally known as the Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society) be revised and complemented to include, in regard to the Baphalali Eswatini Red Cross Society, a total of fifteen (15) additional names. These additions are needed . The revised table of identifiers for this National Society, as attached to this message, includes a total of twenty-four (24) names:

  • eight (8) included in our initial submission (in black ink), plus
  • 16 (sixteen) additional names (in blue ink).

These additions to the reserved names list are requested in order to reflect the recent change in the official name of the “Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society” to  “Baphalali Eswatini Red Cross Society” (as decided upon by the National Society’s Annual General Assembly on 8 September 2018).


As agreed in past calls of the IRT, we request that the set of names already included in the reserved list for this National Society (i.e. the name “Baphalali Swaziland Red Cross Society” and its agreed variations) be maintained in the reserved names list. This is mindful of the fact that the National Society will continue to be known by its old name in the foreseeable future. A table of identifiers for reservation for the Baphalali Eswatini Red Cross Society is attached herewith. It includes a total 23 names (8 already included in the reserved names list – in black ink; 15 additional names – in blue ink).

We are also attaching herewith the cover pages of the Baphalali Eswatini Red Cross Society’s Website and Facebook page illustrating that the National Society’s new name is in use.


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Swaziland Eswatini Red Cross Identifiers - New Names List

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