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  1. Roll call- Staff (2 minutes)

  2. Review of Action Items from 

    June 11 teleconference

     May 21 Teleconference– 5 mins

  3. Review of Public Consultations – Olivier – 10 mins 

    Recently Ratified by the ALAC


    Public Comment for Decision

     Update on

    Study on Technical Use of Root Zone Label Generation Rules  
    Non-Contracted Party House (NCPH) Election Procedures for Board Seat #14  

    Current Statements (ALAC Advice, Comment or Correspondence)

    Public Comment Name

    Public Comment Close



    CPWG Feedback on NomCom Review Implementation


    Note: Not a formal ICANN public comment.


    Evolving ICANN’s Multistakeholder Model

    Statement version 09 June 2019:

    Image Added


    Note: Extension of public comment to Thursday, 13 June 23:59 UTC.


    Potential ALAC Feedback on EPDP Phase II


    Note: Not a formal ICANN public comment.


    Process Proposal for Streamlining Organizational Reviews



    Jonathan Zuck and Olivier Crepin-Leblond to discuss next steps on the public comment; penholder status TBC.
    Evolving the Governance of the Root Server System



    Bastiaan Goslings to provide initial review of report, penholder status TBC.

  4. Marrakesh meeting activities- Joint NCUC-At-Large ICANN65 outreach: Policy at ICANN demystified

  5. Update Outreach and Engagement FY20

    Strategy   and upcoming Regional Events – OlivierEURALO ALS  Engagement Task Force -  next steps-

    Strategy – EURALO ALS Task Force Engagement Taskforce- Yrjo Lansipuro

  6. EURALO By-Laws Task Force Update -



  7. EURALO Elections, Selections appointments 2019- announcement of winners - Olivier

  8. EURALO Hot Topics 2019 - Olivier

  9. ATLAS III Update  - Olivier 

  10. AOB

  11. AOB- Sébastien Bachollet

    1. At-Large Review 
    2. ATRT3