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Deck of Cards
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Deck of Cards

labelJoan Kerr

Name: Joan Kerr

Affiliation: Foundation for Building Sustainable Communities

Position applied for: NPOC Executive Committee Chair.

NPOC is full of positive team spirit, trust, collaboration and is poised to become fully involved in the policy development processes ICANN. The NPOC EC work as a cohesive team which enable the achievements thus far, 

Why you are running for the position?

To further implement the strategies developed over the last few years.

I am an Entrepreneur. For the past 43 years my experience ranged from project concept to completion with not for profit organizations, the private sector, to facilitating energy conservation workshops to business consulting.  I have been involved in organizing three (3) International Humanitarian Technology Conferences in Canada, and reviewer for the Global Humanitarian Technology Conference.   I have 30 years experience in community service, many as the Chair or in a leading role.

I love to develop organizations and engage people to ensure they feel part of the process and have an opportunity to participate. I prefer to work with people and lead by getting things done.  My personal philosophy is in building leaders is the best way forward.

As the current Chair of the NPOC EC, I feel that we have achieved a great many things in these past few years, including increasing our membership, drafting a new charter, creating marketing materials, submitting policy statements and collaborating with other constituencies within ICANN. 

However, there is much to be done. Our policy commitments need to initiate, increased communications with our members to collaborate and strengthen NPOC. I see those as the next focus for building NPOC, and I would like to work with the EC to develop both of these.

Do you have any conflict(s) of interest?: NO

How many Hours a week you are able to dedicate to the position:

I am able to dedicate about 3 hours per week.

Are you involved in any working Groups or PDP efforts, if so please state:

I am not involved in working group, I have spent the time on NPOC's development and organization. I have participated in any calls that affect NPOC and NCSG.

I am writing this statement to ask for your continued support to continue as Chair of NPOC.  


Joan Kerr, Entrepreneur, Artist, Humanitarian


labelVice Chair

Deck of Cards

labelRaoul Plommer

Name: Raoul Plommer
Affiliation: Open Knowledge Finland
Position applied for: Vice Chair
Why am I running for the position: Above all, I want to finish what we started before I got elected as the Vice Chair for the first time in 2017. I'm happy to say that I'm sending the new charter finally to our members tomorrow, right after the Finnish Internet Forum, which takes place tomorrow..

Conflicts of Interest: None.
Able to work per week: 5h.
Involvement in WG’s and PDPs: NomCom Implementation review team

labelPolicy Committee Chair

Deck of Cards

labelRemmy Nweke

*   Name: Remmy Nweke

        *   Affiliation: DigitalSENSE Africa Media.

        *   Position applied for: NPOC Policy Chair

        *   Why you are running for the position?:
I would like to improve on what we ought to be doing in NPOC Policy
Committee, of course, with the warm support of all NPOC members when
elected, especially with the Executive Committee and to support our
Councilors actively as well as collaborate with other members of Exco
and largely the non-commercial stakeholders group by ensuring that our
Policy Development Process (PDP) witness a new turn of events with
timeliness, trends, dedication and mentorship for new and upcoming
members and work towards getting NPOC to take its rightful place in
comity of NomCom stakeholders, among others.

        *   Do you have any conflict(s) of interest?:  NO

        *   How many Hours a week you are able to dedicate to the position:
Not less than dedicated 5 hours per week.

        *   Are you involved in any working Groups or PDP efforts, if
so please state:

Of course yes, I am involved in a number of working groups including
currently being the NPOC Representative to the NCSG Finance Committee,
where I was the pen holder for the first-ever draft Operating
Procedure (OP) which is undergoing review among other initiatives as
the vice chairman of the (NCSG-FC) in charge of the Secretariat until

As a member of NPOC Policy Committee, I have tried often to encourage
participation in our Policy Development Processes (PDP).

Equally, I am an active individual member of ICANN’s Generic Name
Supporting Organisations (GNSO) like Non-Commercial Users Stakeholder
Group (NCSG), Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) and
Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC) respectively
and a forerunner of all-inclusive diversity advocacy, accountability
and transparency. I recently served as one of the by-lawyers for the
NPOC charter review working group and currently member of NPOC team
reviewing response for the NomCom Implementation Working Group request
for constituencies feedbacks, among others.

In liaison with Raoul Plommer our current Vice Chair, I have
consistently raised issues of concern to NPOC at the ongoing NomCom
Implementation Working Group for adequate inclusion and balanced
representation of communities including NPOC in the NomCom.
At the African regional level, I am a reliable member of At-Large
Advisory Committee of ICANN under AFRALO - African Regional At-Large
Organisation; member of the ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and
Engagement; Fellow, Cyber Security Policy on Human Rights Defenders;
Chairman, Communication & Advocacy Committee (CAC), IPv6 Council
Nigeria and promoter of the Nigeria IPv6 Roundtable since 2011.

Lately, I served as an elected Executive board member, Nigeria
Internet Registration Association (NIRA), the managers of .NG country
code Top Level Domain and extended my services to several committees
including Communications and Publicity, Accreditation, Finance and
Establishment, as well as an elected Vice President of the African
Civil Society on the Information Society (ACSIS), pioneer Lagos branch
Secretary, Cyber Security Expert Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) and
former publicity secretary, Nigeria Internet Group (NIG) cum chairman,
International Relations of NIG; pioneer Secretary, ICT Media
Initiative; BARK Foundation – a knowledge-based advocacy group;
Internet Governance Caucus (IGC), chief advocate, ICTMedia TinkTank,
to name a few.

Additionally in Nigeria, DigitalSENSE Africa, an ICANN certified
At-Large Structure; where I serve as Lead Strategist, saw efforts at
building multistakeholderism which gave rise to nurturing of today’s
Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) of which I am equally serving
as a member of the NIGF-Multistakeholder Advisory Group (NIGF-MAG).
Just as I preside over the Protocol, Security and Exhibition Committee
for the Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development Goals
(CSCSDG-2019) in Nigeria and served as a member of the Civil Society
Selection Group for the recently concluded WSIS+10 Stakeholder
Selection Committee for the United Nations (UN) President of the
General Assembly, among others.

Therefore, I crave your support to enable us move NPOC and the Policy
Committee precisely to the next level as anticipated.

So, vote for Remmy Nweke for the chair, Policy Committee.

Thank you and God bless our efforts.

Remmy Nweke

labelCarlos Guttierrez

*   Name: Carlos Raul GUTIERREZ

        *   Affiliation: Member of ISOC Costa Rica Chapter

        *   Position applied for: Policy committee Chair

        *   Why you are running for the position?: to continue with NPOCs efforts to effectively participate in the GNSO council's mission as manger of  ICANN policy development process, in particular the upcoming discussion and sub-PDP on the preventive and curative rights for IGOs and INGOs

        *   Do you have any conflict(s) of interest?: no

        *   How many Hours a week you are able to dedicate to the position: 1 day per week

        *   Are you involved in any working Groups or PDP efforts, if so please state: I have been Costa Rica's Rep to the GAC from 2011-2014, Councilor 2014-2016 (NomCom, Non-voting), Council's Liaison to the GAC 2016-2017, Councilor 2017-2019 (NomCom, assigned to the Contracted Party House CPH, Member to the 2nd ATRT Review (2013) and the 1st Competition, Consumer choice and Consumer Trust Review (2015-2016), Co-Chair of the ccNSO-GNSO Working Group on the use of Country and Territory Names at the top level, Member of the WT5 of the Sub-Pro PDP.


Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez
+506 8837 7176
Aparatado 1571-1000

labelMembership Committee Chair

Deck of Cards

labelJuan Manuel Rojas

Dear all, 
I would like to thank Martin for this nomination and I am willing to accept it for run as a Membership Chair once again. From this position we have updated all database from our members and we are planning to have many surprises for all of you, that we hope will be improving members knowledge about what NPOC EC is doing and what are relevant topics inside ICANN for us as members. 

Our last year work was related to update our database and clean it up, we have also have asked information about your own experiences in DNS abuse or any other related with NPOC topics, and we are wiling to receive your feedback, even if you don't understand what are we talking about. We are planning to solve that, precisely. 

Now is time to moving forward and to get all of you our members involved and engage with what we are doing. That's we are seeking, that our memberships grow up but also being more active members, and we know that all of you are experts in your fields that can add value to our Constituency! 

I am able to dedicate the hours that been necessary to do the job. As I am doing inside the WG that I am involved such as: NewGTLD WT5, Subsequent Procedures and GNSO Drafting Team to Further Develop Guidelines and Principles for the GNSO’s Roles and Obligations as a Decisional Participant in the Empowered Committee. I also have been working on writing comments for NPOC and NCSG. 

Name: Juan Manuel Rojas
Organization: AGEIA DENSI Colombia

labelEmmanuel Agbenonwossi

Name: Emmanuel Vitus
Affiliation: Afrotribune
Position applied for: Membership Chair

Why I applied for this position: As with growth in every institution which is measured by her member's growth, the NPOC membership strength in numbers, engagement, and motivation serves as a stimulus for the advancement of our dear constituency. In this regard, I see myself as having such motivations with new and fresh ideas from interactions i have had with inactive members. I would like to improve on what we ought to be doing and what we have done in NPOC especially at the level of members engagement through capacity building and recruitment with the warm support of all NPOC members when elected. The membership of NPOC is so diverse and it needs active participation from more NGOs and technical folks who work in IGOs / NGOs. 

With the Executive Committee and members support we need to stimulate our members by doing regional and inter-constituency outreach, distribution of outreach materials with our policy focus by collaborating also with the Councilors actively as well as collaborate with other members of Exco and largely the non-commercial stakeholders group by ensuring that our Policy interest witness a new turn of events and stimulate members interest. One of the key takes that will be my focus is diversity, inclusion, focus, timeliness, trends, dedication and mentorship for new and upcoming members and work towards getting NPOC to take its rightful place and recognition within the ICANN multistakeholder process.

My focus, when elected, is to increase capacity building webinars for members policy engagement, strengthen them and notify them of possible funding or support opportunity to also participate onsite at such meetings through the use of CROP or remotely. This I believe will help them participate more actively without feeling left out when it comes to documenting policy thoughts without the necessary incentives and motivation.

As a multiple United Nations Official language speaker, I stand in a better position to ensure that members with the language barrier can also be carried along specifically during recruitment efforts. It is my hope that at the end of the tenure, we will be able to measure my performance with the number of members active participation and those that will be recruited to join our growing number. It is my belief that there is a better option in diversity and youthfulness which stands as a major rally point for my supercharged energy to do and perform better than the incumbent Membership chair who has done a lot in his capacity but nee

Do you have any conflict(s) of interest?: No

How many hours per week you are able to dedicate to the position: At least 6 hours or more as the demand for responsibility brings

Are you involved in any working Groups or PDP efforts, if so please state:

Over the last year, I have been an active contributor to the policies been discussed at the level of NCSG and NCUC ICANN public meetings and remotely in-between. meetings. I have participated actively at my regional RALO in the At-large structure and currently leading the creation of ICANNWIKI French. 

labelCommunications Committee Chair

Deck of Cards

labelIoana Stupariu

*   Name: Ioana Stupariu

        *   Affiliation: Association, Central European University

        *   Position applied for: NPOC Communications Chair. 
In fulfilling this role, I wish to collaborate closely with the other members of the ExCom to fulfil NPOC's mission and hope to be given the opportunity to learn from each and all of them. 

        *   Why you are running for the position? Three reasons:

  1. Skills and experience: I have been working in business development and marketing for 10+ years, in both business and NGO work. I have done social media campaigns, website development and management, PR campaigns, corporate branding and communication, and so on. I am experienced in using design tools like Adobe suite, newsletter tools (Mailchimp), social media management tools (Hootsuite), website development platform (Joomla and Wordpress). It has always been my passion, which I have been doing continuously for pleasure alongside my legal studies since highschool.
  2. Ideas: I have so many ideas on what we could do with NPOC, revolving around: a. Increased social media presence, primarily via Twitter, but not only. b. Regular reporting to and consulting with community members, via website, social media, lists. c. Unitary marketing materials, representing our goals and mission. d. A coherent recruitment strategy, built alongside the Membership Chair, to make NPOC attractive to new members, keep members involved, and most importantly. e. Most importantly, a better understand of what NPOC is and does, and how we can better serve our members (both within and outside NPOC).
  3. NPOC: I understand well NPOC and its specific mission, and most importantly, I deeply believe in it becoming a stronger voice, representing its members. Due to my diverse background (having done policy/branding/marketing/NGO work), I think I am strategically placed to create a Strategy that would enhance that in the year to come. 

        *   Do you have any conflict(s) of interest?:  NO

        *   How many Hours a week you are able to dedicate to the position:

Not less than dedicated 5 hours per week.

        *   Are you involved in any working Groups or PDP efforts, if

so please state: I am a NCSG, NPOC, NCUC and Euralo member. I have just joined Registration Data Policy Implementation Team, I am a member of the CCWG on Human Rights and member of the European Individuals Working Group. I was also involved in RPM. 

Many thanks for reading this and wishing you a great election week!


Ioana Stupariu
SJD Candidate - International Business Law

labelCaleb Ogundele

Name : Caleb Ogundele

Affiliation:  African Academic Network on Internet Policy (AANOIP)

Position applied for:  Communications Committee Chair

Why you are running for the position?:

NPOC's work within the ICANN community holds an important role and in order to fulfill such roles, it needs to have a very strong communication mechanism within which other stakeholders within the community relate to the work and interest of Not-for-Profit, Civil Society, and Academics within the constituency.

It is therefore very pertinent to connect with these other stakeholders and varied interests within the ICANN community to understand the work that NPOC does with the view of serving as a more vocal voice of reasoning and logic during engagements with other communities within and beyond ICANN

In the last few months of being part of the Executive Team, we had so much commitment to fulfill this mandate and part of it was to revamp our website to have a good (HCI)human-computer interaction as well as good user interface and mobile responsiveness. This was with the help of some members and the EC who committed some of there time during this development which i was glad to have experienced and lead those efforts as communications chair.

Additionally, the bedrock of the GNSO which NPOC is part of is policy and public comments for the Not-for-Profit Orgs. I have participated in a couple of draft documents used to engage within the NCSG and NPOC. As part of this efforts, i have tried to stimulate the interest while communicating with members by calling there attention to public comments that they can participate and contribute to.

Recently, during a major internet governance meeting in my region, I and another member of the NPOC Excom carried out outreach to engage Not-for-Profit, Civil Society domain owners who previously never had a clear understanding of what they stand to benefit in participating in ICANN and by extension NPOC. This was done through a panel session and distribution of promotional materials of NPOC.

I strongly believe that if re-elected, my work within the leadership of the NPOC will reflect actionable outcomes and all members interest.  
I represent diversity age and regional wise and with the support of members, they will continue to experience a bottom-up approach consensus to DNS Policy engagement with a focus on realizing the ICANN's multistakeholder PDP missions.

I do hope to bring in diversity and proactive approach to the role I'm putting myself forward for service. 

Additionally, I am also active within regional affiliation such as AFRINIC, ISOC-NG Chapter and AFRALO and currently in a couple of working groups within ICANN. 

My participation in different fora within the internet space has also seen my contributions on internet governance policy issues ranging from data privacy, Copyright and Intellectual Property and copyright,  Cyber Security, sustainable access, digital rights, media literacy, and development & capacity and other internet related issues which I believe is consistent with some of the concerns the NPOC has within the DNS industry.

In my professional experience from being a Project Manager, System / Network Administrator,  MultiMedia Content Producer and Webmaster, I believe it puts me in a value-added position to what the Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC) stands for in bringing my industry experience to bear from a technical perspective to serve in the role of communication's chair.

You can learn more about my professional career here and ICANN Wiki

Do you have any conflict(s) of interest?: No

How many Hours a week you are able to dedicate to the position: 8+ hours

Are you involved in any working Groups or PDP efforts, if so please state:

At-Large Capacity Building Working Group, AFRALO Hot Topics Working Group, At-Large IDN Policy Working Group, At-Large Social Media Working Group

Thank you for your consideration, support and God bless  



Deck of Cards

labelOreoluwa Lesi

Name: Oreoluwa Lesi

Affiliation: Women's Technology Empowerment Centre - W.TEC

Position applied for: Secretariat

Why you are running for the position?: I believe that the work that ICANN does is deeply important and my professional experience and interests place me in an excellent position to contribute meaningfully to achieving its goals.

Many nonprofit organisations do not fully understand what ICANN does and its relevance to their work. This means that they do not have the opportunity to get involved in shaping policies, which affects them. NPOC’s role in educating and galvanising nonprofits to greater participation in internet governance in general and domain name policy, more specifically, is crucial in maintaining a vibrant community that includes diverse perspectives and contributions – especially one where nonprofit concerns are valued as much as those of other stakeholders.

I bring with me deep experience in the nonprofit sector and understand their concerns, especially as it relates to technology and specifically Internet-related issues.

I have worked in the nonprofit space for 17 years and lead a nonprofit (the Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre – W.TEC []), which works to build an inclusive technology ecosystem, with more women technology creators, entrepreneurs and leaders. I also ensure that women and women-focused nonprofits are represented on the Internet, own and can manage their domains effectively, and understand how to address issues like domain name abuse, cybersecurity and privacy challenges. My work centers on increasing digital inclusivity in who can use the Internet safely and effectively to enhance their educational, professional and civic activities.

This means that I need to stay abreast of the changing domain name and wider technology policy landscape, especially as related to data security and privacy issues and their intersections withgender. Through ICANN, I have had the opportunity to be at the forefront of learning about the latestdomain name systems and related policy and understanding how they affect the communities I work with.

Over the last year, I have served as NPOC’s Secretariat and together, the Executive Committee and NPOC community have developed a strategic outreach plan to recruit new members, developed informational materials to educate the wider community about what NPOC does (which includes a booklet, flier and slide deck), rebuilt and launched a more informative and engaging website, organised well-attended sessions at ICANN64 and ICANN63, completed the revision of the new Charter document and renewed its commitment to policy development by successfully submitting a comment to the dot org registry agreement call for public comments.

Personally, I coordinated the documenting and monitoring of the EC’s huge workload, helping to keep team members on track with their respective action items. I provided administrative support, making available information about NPOC meetings and action plans to the EC and NPOC community. Recruitment and engagement of new members is very important to me and I co-organisedand moderated a panel discussion at the Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum, a leadingAfrican internet governance forum in April 2019, which also served as outreach for NPOC.

Working as Secretariat has also provided me with a unique overview of and the opportunity to work across the broader NPOC landscape from finance to membership, policy, communications and administration. I believe that this experience will strengthen my ability to coordinate NPOC’s administrative tasks and provide more support where needed.

In my professional capacity outside of ICANN, I have led and worked as part of teams and have developed the project management and collaborative skills that are valuable for working in the Secretariat role. I am also a member of the Nigerian chapter of ISOC and Alliance for Affordable Internet, as well as ISOC SIG Women. I am also a member of the Best Practices Forum on Gender and Access of the IGF and have contributed comments over the last year.

I am a Vital Voices Lead Fellow (awarded to emerging and established women leaders across the world) and anAshoka Fellow (a network of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs). I speak frequently at Nigerian and international conferences and other fora on the intersection of technology and gender. I sit on several boards, including the FAS Foundation, which builds the capacities of Nigerian engineers and supports engineering research.

Within ICANN, I am also a member of the African Regional At-Large Organisation (AFRALO) and NCSG.

You can learn more about me and my work on my:

Do you have any conflict(s) of interest?: No

How many hours per week you are able to dedicate to the position: At least 5 hours (As the current Secretariat, some weeks I devote up to 10 hours or more to NPOC work)

Are you involved in any working Groups or PDP efforts, if so please state:

Over the last year, I have been an active contributor to the rewriting of the NPOC Charter, working with the rest of the Charter Review team at public meetings and remotely in-between meetings.

I was part of the team that worked on NPOC’s comment to the dot org registry agreement call for public comments.

Prior to that, I was a mentee on the Community Onboarding programme and helped to refine the processes to integrate new members to NPOC. I also participated in an NCSG Policy course Advisory Group, where I contributed scenarios for the development of a NCSG Policy course.

Oreoluwa Lesi - Women's Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC)
Executive Director

+234.803.621.1307, +234.813.339.9999 | [] | @wteconline