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  1. Welcome and roll call - Staff (2mins)

  2. Introduction and Aim of the Call (Eduardo Diaz and Olivier Crépin-Leblond - 5 mins)

  3. Capacity Building sub-group update (Alfredo Calderon and Joanna Kulesza - 15 mins)

      1. List of courses (working document)
      2. Timeline of ATLAS III PWG preparations
  4. Programme sub-group update (Glenn McKnight and Vanda Scartezini - 15 mins)

      1. Starting proposal for Montreal Block Schedule

      2. ATLAS III topics and working group timeline
  5. Outcomes sub-group update (Nadira Al-Araj and Carlton Samuels - 15 mins)

      1. Draft list of possible outcomes and 

      2. information capture processes (i.e. metrics, meeting templates to capture information, daily reports, etc.)

  6. AoB (5 mins)


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