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  •  Gisella Gruberto schedule the Regional leader informal breakfast on Monday morning in the Portopia Hotel breakfast room. 
  •  The RALO Chairs to invite the RIRS from their region as well as other partners. They should also introduce them during the meeting. 
  •  Gisella Gruber to invite RAR to the Partnership Meeting if she is not already invited. 
  •  Jonathan Zuck to send policy talking points around via email tomorrow (22 February).
  •  Maureen Hilyard / ALAC to develop questions specifically for Göran, Leon (Wrap-Up) and Exec Team (including David O).
  •  Heidi Ullrich to follow up with deadline for Board suggestions. Requested topics for Göran/David talk.
  •  Gisella Gruber / Yesim Nazlar to note Ana Neves, GAC will not attend ICANN64.
  •  Heidi Ullrich / Maureen Hilyard items for 26 March ALAC call - Update on ARIWG; ATLAS III; general update.