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Work is now completed.


Jan 2020 ARIWG Dashboard

Link to presentation (PDF) of recent activity updates

See WS2 Dashboard for example(s).


Dec 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Nov 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Oct 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Sep 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Aug 2019 ARIWG DashboardPre-meeting of the leadership team 8 August to organise work program for the working group.


Jul 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Jun 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

Report due to the Board - 23 June


May 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

Report drafts should be ready by May 23 with sub-tasks completed

Reminder: include roles and responsibilities of RALOs (and their ALSes) with regards to the RALO MOUs with ICANN


Apr 2019 ARIWG Dashboard

Still to be done: Reconvene the ALS Criteria and Expectations Task Force (Co-Chairs: Alan Greenberg and Maureen Hilyard). Call for new members to develop a workplan for undertaking the following objectives for this working group: 

  1. refine the ALS application and approval process and put in place the regular review of existing ALSes. This may require some ICANN Bylaw amendments.

  2. establish comparable criteria and process for individual unaffiliated membership.

  3. establish a repository of skills and interests to draw upon when particular ongoing volunteer work efforts are staffed.

  4. develop material to be distributed to our volunteer community world-wide; to include needs identified in the ALAC-GAC Joint Statement; focus on understandable material to get new people involved

  5. develop a road-map through the multitude of ICANN Learn courses and other primer material to help those interested to get up to speed (Podcasts, YouTube channel, webinars, etc.).

  6. develop a network of coaches and mentors so those who show some interest in getting involved are not left on their own.


Mar 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Feb 2019 ARIWG Dashboard


Jan 2019 ARIWG Dashboard