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Final Proposal as approved by the Board


At-Large is increasingly focusing on individuals (both unaffiliated At-Large Members as well as members within each ALS) instead of just ALS voting representatives. Four of the five RALOs allow individual members and the fifth, LACRALO, has already approved the concept and is developing the detailed rules. We will also use the ALSes to communicate with those within an ALS who may have an interest in ICANN.

RALOs have also started to identify experts on ICANN topics within their ALSes and among individual members and to increasingly engage them in ALAC’s policy work. Thus, a bi-directional flow of ICANN information continues to be strengthened.

These activities will require the production of information that is truly understandable (as identified in a recent ALAC-GAC Joint Statement) and available in multiple languages. As some of this will need to be created by At-Large staff, additional resources may be needed. At-Large Staff will continue to work together with At-Large Leadership in looking for effective methodologies to coach and onboard new policy volunteers and leaders to facilitate the development of their skills and encourage them to stay and deepen their knowledge and expertise. Regarding the perception of unchanging leadership, statistics reporting involvement will be published demonstrating turnover.


Initial phases: 1:1:1 (Low resource needs : Low risk : 1st priority)

Long term: 3:3:1 (High resource needs : High risk : 1st priority)

ARIWG comments

This section of the ARI is the central one - revitalizing At-Large and making it more effective and more credible. There are a number of planned steps, some of them serialized and some that will be worked upon in parallel. Much of this will build upon preparatory work that has taken place over the last several years. As noted in the section on dependencies, many of the other implementations will either feed into this one or are necessary for this one to work.

Status of improvement effort / staff lead

Impending start in Dec 2018 - Jan 2019 / Staff Lead: Heidi Ullrich with  Evin Evin Erdoğdu.

June 2019: Progress on this implementation has yet to begin. It is expected that the following steps will begin now in Q1 of FY20 and run throughout the life of the ARI:

  • Reconvene the ALS Criteria and Expectations Task Force (Co-Chairs: Alan Greenberg and Maureen Hilyard).
  • Call for new members to develop a workplan for undertaking the following objectives for this working group:

Activities, if any, on which implementation is dependent, or that are dependent on implementation of this recommendation

Issues #1, #4 and #7 will present a clearer and more understandable view of At-Large governance, what At-Large is doing, and how we go about doing that. The Social Media work will enhance our ability to communicate as will the ongoing work on issue #10. The continued development of metrics and the methodology by which we can monitor involvement of both ALSes and individuals (from within ALSes or unaffiliated members) will allow us to monitor and track whether our implementations are working and to what extent we need to adjust them going forward.

Who will implement the recommendation: ICANN community, ICANN Board, ICANN Organization, other?

ALAC, RALO Leadership Team, At-Large Staff with support from other parts of ICANN Org. Changes to the ICANN Bylaws may be required to ensure that the Bylaws properly reflect the new nature of At-Large with a focus on both ALSes and unaffiliated individuals. The Memoranda of Understanding between ICANN and the RALOs will also likely require revision.

Anticipated resource requirements (FTEs, tools)

With Staged Implementation initial work can be started immediately using existing staff resources. As planning transitions to full implementation there will be staff requirement related to material creation, interaction with the remote community and tracking of involvement.

Expected budget implications

Current staff resources are sufficient for immediate activities. However, for the ongoing implementation of this key priority, the ARIWG currently estimates one full time employee (FTE) equivalent (see details in Issue #3).

For documentation, the use of existing FY18 annual budget request (ABR) SO/AC communication activities funding.

Potential FY19 ABR for At-Large for use in additional skill development in strategic leadership and communication to facilitate policy advice development as well as the production of relevant documentation for use in increased outreach and engagement.

Proposed implementation steps:

The steps below are a brief summary and will need to be enhanced and subdivided as the implementation proceeds.

  1. Review, enhance if applicable, and agree upon outcomes of the ALS Criteria and Expectations Task Force ensuring that the component ALSes within At-Large are able and willing to take on the task of supporting the ALAC function within ICANN. Among other things, this will ensure that there is a nexus between the interests of an ALS and those of ICANN.

  2. Based on these results refine the ALS application and approval process and put in place the regular review of existing ALSes. This may require some ICANN Bylaw amendments.

  3. Establish comparable criteria and process for individual unaffiliated membership.

  4. As part of these processes establish the repository of skills and interests to draw upon when particular ongoing volunteer work efforts are staffed.

  5. Develop the process to be used for the development of material to be distributed to our volunteer community world-wide (ALS members through their ALSes and unaffiliated members). This will depend partly on material requested in the recent ALAC-GAC Joint Statement. However, it is expected that At-Large Staff, in conjunction with other Policy and MSSI staff will need to be involved. The availability of such understandable material is key to getting new people involved - those who are not already familiar with ICANN issues and jargon.

  6. Develop a road-map through the multitude of ICANN Learn courses and other primer material to help those interested to get up to speed (Podcasts, YouTube channel, webinars, etc.).

  7. Develop a network of coaches and mentors so those who show some interest in getting involved are not left on their own.


Metrics will monitor ALS and individual involvement. The number of ALSes and individual members along with their level of activity will allow for monitoring of the overall changes in At-Large. Specifics will be developed under the ARI Issue #16.

How long will it take to implement this plan?

It is expected that the implementation will begin immediately and will proceed over the full two years of the ARI.