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This section is to record the approval of this meeting agenda and its discussion order. (00:01/00:01)

→ 11 February  [Recording:XX:XX]:: Approved

3. Meeting Discussion Order 


→ 13 August [Recording: 22:00]:  from the transcript page 14 : "we identify the issues, we’re trying as a group to identify what matters to end users and also what we think our position should be. But at that point, we’ll then need people to participate in drafting that section of our response. So we are interested in more people being engaged to do some writing on a particular question because there are so many questions to answer"  [Decision]:Carry Forward to next meeting

→ 11 February: Presentation given. From transcript :"The big things that have been dominating the discussions in the CPWG of late are the GDPR and privacy generally, subsequent procedures"  Check transcript starting in page #21 for more details