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Objective. Develop, maintain and strengthen the initiatives that allow to constantly improve the regional communication as well as participate in the global information dissemination strategies of the ICANN ecosystem in order to contribute with an opportune knowledge of the Internet Governance in the region.


Next Call: 17 August 16 December 2021

Last Call: 18 February 17 August 2021


1Lilian De Luque Bruges 
2Sylvia Herlein Leite
3Javier Chandía
4Sergio Bronstein
5Antonio Medina Gómez
6Marcelo Rodríguez (Director / Chair)
7Katiuska Hull
8Yoselin Vos
9Anahí Menéndez
10Harold Arcos
11Alexis Anteliz
12Alfredo López
13Graciela Gianoli
14Maribel S Sánchez 
15René Daniel Vega
16Raúl A Falcón
17Franco Bosio
18Mariano Quiroga