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 **AC Room:                          


Dial Out Participants:



Staff:  Eduardo Diaz, Glenn McKnight, Michael Casadevall, Gordon Chillcott, Greg Shatan, Susannah Gray, Leah Symekher, Judith Hellerstein, Marita Moll, John Laprise, Ken Herman, John More, Alfredo Calderon, Amolik Kakade, George Kirikos, Adrian Schmidt, Yubelkys Montalvo, Joe Catapano, Allan Skuce, Ron da Silva, David Morris, Alan Greenberg,

Apologies: Dana Perry, David Morar

Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Chris Mondini, Claudia Ruiz

Call Management: Claudia Ruiz


Summary Minutes:    

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Recording:   EN

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Transcript: EN EN



1. Attendance (




47 -



This section is to record the meeting attendance.

ALS (Total 23 ::11CA/12US) - Attendance (


12/23 - 50%







1Pacific Community Networks Association/CAAllan Skuce (P)Bev Collins
2ISOC DC/USDustin Phillips John More (P)X
3ISOC PR/PREduardo Díaz (P)Alfredo Calderón (P)X
4Canadian Association for Open Source (CLUE)/CAEvan Leibovitch Mathew Rice
5Foundation For Build. Sustainable Communities/CAGlenn McKnight  (P)Robert T Bell
6Greater Toronto Area Linux User Group/CAGordon Chillcott (P)Scott Sullivan
7Association of Internet Users/US :: ALAC 2017-19John LaPrise (P)Cristina WilllardX
8ISOC NY/USGreg Shatan (P)
9Capital Area Globetrotters/USJudith Hellerstein (P)Le-Marie ThompsonX
10Consumers Council of Canada/CA

Kenneth L. Whitehurst

Howard Dean

Karen Mulberry 

12ISOC SF/USLeah Sykmekher Symekher (P)Susannah Gray (P)X
13Native Public Media/USLoris TaylorElyse Dempsey
14Telecommunities Canada/CA Marita Moll (P)Garth Graham
15Communatique/CAMonique Chartrand -
16The IP/Tech. Section of the HI State Bar Assoc./USSeth ReissTracey OhtaDavid Morris (P)Dane AndersonX
17ISOC Quebec/CAPierre-Jean Darres Robert Castonguay
18ISOC Canada/CAShelley Robinson Murray McKercher 
X Inc./USThomas Lowenhaupt Robert PollardX
20Hispanic Educational Tech. Services (HETS)/PRYubelkys Montalvo (P)Yelixa CastroX
21Nova Scotia Community Access ProgramDana Perry (A)Erick Stackhouse
22At-Large North American Graduate Students/USDavid Cristian Morar (A)Anna Cecile Loup X
23Alternatives, Inc.Michel LambertMyriam Cloutier


RED = Under decertification

Unaffiliated (Total 23 :: 6CA/18US) Attendance (


03/24 - 13%





1Adrian Schmidt (P)
2Alan Greenberg (P)
3Daniel WrightX
4Endrias ZewdeX
5Edward HasbrouckX
6George Kirikos (P)
7Javier Rúa Jovet X
8Jeongwon RyuX
9Jeremy PesnerX
10Joey Doyle
11Jonathan ZuckX
12Kirstin DoanX
13Kristian Stout X
14Linda KaiserX
15Michelangelo De Simone
16Nathalie CoupetX
17Philip RighterX
18Robert Guerra
19Robert JacobiX
20Roland YarbroughX
21Thomas W CampbellX
22Thomas StruettX
23Wes BoudvilleX
24William Cunningham X


This section is to record the approval of this meeting agenda and its discussion order. (00:01/00:01)

→ 10 December  [Recording: 01:31]: Leah added a quick update on NomCom to the agenda.

→ 14 January  [Recording: XX01:XX17]:Approved

3. Meeting Discussion Order 




Allotted Time/Running Time


Introductory Remarks by NARALO Chair

→: To put the meeting in perspective  and bring-up anything of general interest to the membership:

  • Updates : 
    • EPDP on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data - Monthly Update (by Alan Greenberg)
    • Discretionary funds (by Glenn Mcknight)
    • FY20 ALAC/RALO Additional Budget Requests (by Eduardo Díaz an d Glenn McKnight)
  • New agenda discussions
    • ATLAS III Updates


(00:01 / 00:06)


→: To provide an update/report for the following CROP supported events:  

  • ARIN 41 (William)


(00:01 / 00:07)


New NARALO Members

→: To introduce new members to the region

  • Joey Doyle (CA)
  • Pierre-Jean Darres (New representative from ISOC Quebec)



(00:05 / 00:12)

NARALO Outreach Group Update Report

→: To provide a summary of the NARALO Outreach Group efforts since our last call

  • NARALO Outreach results from the 2018 IGF
  • Reminder of CROP trips for FY19
    1. NTC19 Portland, Oregon 13-15 March 2019
      1. Deadline to apply: December 20, 2018
    2. Digital Inclusion Charlotte, North Carolina 1-3 April 2019
      1. Deadline to apply: January 10, 2019
    3. ARIN 43 Bridgetown, Barbados 7-10 April 2019
      1. Deadline to apply: January 10, 2019
Glenn(00:05 / 00:17)

NARALO Discretionary Funds Report

→: To provide a report on the use of discretionary funds assigned to NARALO

Glenn(00:03 / 00:20)

FY20 ALAC/RALO Additional Budget Requests (ABR)

→: To request proposals for submission to this process and report on its results. Requirements for proposals are as follows: 

      • Proposals should include ways in which will make the entire At-Large community more effective and develop the At-Large community rather than a single section of the At-Large community.
      • Outreach should not be a major focus. Activities to improve engagement with existing members is encouraged.
      • If any request is made on outreach, it should go through the CROP program or as a part of a larger ALAC request for RALO Discretionary Funding. 
      • RALO requests should be strategic and in line with their RALO's strategic outreach plans and must be endorsed by their RALO prior to being submitted for consideration by the FBSC.
      • Staff is currently expecting that basic resources for community communications/printing will be supported through the core ICANN budget, but that community proposals for printing , etc. will be accepted as a back-up in case expectations change.  Specific proposals for communications resources beyond simple printing and editing functions should be prepared and submitted.


-Workshop for Policy Comments for RALO members ( Glenn)

-Livestream Communication for ALS`s - Marita

-NA Indigenous Fellowship Loris Taylor

-NASIG 2019 Glenn





Kick off and Submission period



In progress

FBSC representatives and/or staff to send notice of opening of FY20 Additional Budget Request (ABR) process to RALOs15/11/201815/11/2018Completed
RALOs to review any ALS request or complete a template on behalf of the RALO and send requests to 

Discussion of Proposals with Finance Staff and FBSC07/01/2019 11/01/2019Completed
Revised proposals to be sent to the FBSC for final review.14/01/201918/01/2019Completed
The ALAC to review the proposed At-Large FY20 ABRs during their monthly call 22/01/201922/01/2019Completed
The FBSC to review all the RALO requests.23/01/201923/01/2019Completed

Submissions Due – send to



On target


Preliminary review of requests by



On target

SO/AC consultations at ICANN 64 (by request, during Constituents’ Day)



On target

Final assessments and recommendations by



On target

ICANN Board Finance Committee Review and recommendation for approval to the Board



On target

ICANN Board review and approval at May Board meeting



On target



(00:05 / 00:25)

2019 NomCom update report

 →:To provide a brief report by our 2019 NomCom representative.

Leah(00:05 / 00:30)

Student Outreach by  the North American Graduate Students At-Large Structure

→: To provide an updated report on efforts related to outreach University students by this At-Large Structure

  • F/U syllabus work and Google doc for research material
David(00:05 / 00:35)

Report on the Universal Acceptance Steering Committee Group

→: To provide a report about this meeting


RIR Outreach

→: To provide a report on RIR outreach efforts



NARALO ALAC members Update Reports

→: To provide a summary by our current NARALO representatives in ALAC of what was discussed since our last meeting in ALAC regarding policy and anything else that the region should be aware about.


John L.



EPDP on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data

→: To provide an update report on this effort

Alan(00:05 / 00:40)
Topic 056:


→:To provide an ATLAS III update

Eduardo(00:05 / 00:45)
Topic 057:

PresentationWhat is ahead for ICANN in 2019

To provide a fresh perspective of pending ICANN policies, reviews and issues in 2019. 

Chris(00:14 / 00:59)

if we get to them...


NARALO ALAC members Update Reports

→: To provide a summary by our current NARALO representatives in ALAC of what was discussed since our last meeting in ALAC regarding policy and anything else that the region should be aware about.


John L.



NARALO Policy Group Update Report

→: To provide an update report by the head of the Policy Group as to the ICANN policies being discussed at the moment affecting NARALO end-users and/or interest to NARALO members in general



NARALO Education Group Update Report

→: To provide provide an update report by the head of the Educational Group since our last call.


Social Media Update Report

→: To report on the At-Large Social Media Working Group (SoMe) and NARALO required efforts to support this initiative

  • What is the strategy for At-Large? For RALOs? for NARALO?
  • What are timelines for implementation?

North America Stakeholder Engagement

→: To provide an update report on North America Stakeholder Engagement efforts

  • Current and future engagements



to be updated in the future...


Academic Credits

→:To work on ways that we could possibly exchange academic credit for students who participate in ICANN policy development processes





Any Other Business (AOB)

-Next meeting: February 11, 2019 @20:00 UTC--

*(allowed time/running time)


→ 14 January  [Recording: XX04:XX]:00]: Glennn provided a report and Judith added. Susannah requested information about the procedure used to select people to these event. Please check transcript  starting in page #2 for more details.

Topic 025: CROP FY18

LEAD: Eduardo Diaz


→ 14 January  [Recording: XX03:XX00]: William's report pending. [Decision]: Carry forward to next meeting.

Topic 026:  NARALO ALAC Members Update Reports


→ 14 January  [Recording: XX41:XX]:00]: Marita provided a very detailed report.  Some excerpts from the transcript: "...did comment in for the sub-pro Work Track 1 to 4, which was a lot about asking questions about auctions. - will be interested to perhaps read an article on domain insight about Vickrey auctions, which is something that At-Large suggested would be a better way of maybe resolving some of the contention issues around domain names in further rounds. - ... we’re working on right now is the geonames issue where’s a prep for comment open, very deep and long, and detailed about how another round of Top-Level gTLDs should deal with geographic names. - ...We are working on programs for Kobe. We want to make it more of a policy discussion this time."  Check transcript starting in page #20 for more details

Topic 028: NARALO Policy Group Update Report


DESCRIPTION: To put the meeting in perspective  and bring-up anything of general interest to the membership.

→ 10 September [Recording: 01:41]  Overview given.  Check transcript starting in page #2 for more details. [Decision]:  Carry Forward to next meeting.

→ 8 October [→ 14 January  [Recording: 01:15] Overview given. No transcript available at 10/11/18.

→ 12 November [Recording: 02:00]: Overview given. Check transcript starting in page #2 for more details.

→ 10 December [Recording: 03:21]: 51]: Overview given. Check transcript starting in page #3 #1 for more details

→ 14 January  [Recording: XX:XX]:

Topic 042: New NARALO Members


→ 14 January  [Recording: XX27:XX00]:  Nothing to report. Apologies provided.

Topic 051: NARALO Discretionary Funds Report


→ 14 January  [Recording: XX20:XX52]: Report given. Check transcript starting in page #13 for more details.

Topic 055: 2019 NomCom update report

LEAD: Leah SykmekherSymekher

OPEN: 10 December 2018, CLOSED: 


→10 December [Recording: 23:50]: This year openings are (from transcript): "The public technical identifiers, we have one seat open; that's a three-year term. The ICANN board of directors, we have three seats open; that’s a three-year term. GNSO Council, we have two seats opens; that’s a three-year term. And for the At-Large Advisory Committee, we have three seats open; a three-year term. The At-Large is for specific regions. As you see, we have Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. We have Africa, and we have election in America and the Caribbean Islands. So that's the space specific in terms of geography. The ccNSO council, we have one seat and that's a three-year term." Check transcript starting in page #16 for more details.

→ 14 January  [Recording: XX23:XX]:00]: (from transcript) :"we have ten open seats that we are filling this year. Three for the Board of Directors, one for the PTI and that’s the Public Technical Identifier Board, two for the GNSO Council, one for the ccNSO Council, and three for ALAC. And the ALAC regions that we’re focused on this time is the Asia, Australia, Pacific Island region, one candidate from that region; Africa as the second one; and the LAC region. That’s the third one. That’s a total of ten.". Check transcript starting in page #15 for more details.

5. New Discussions

This section is for new discussions in the agenda for this meeting


→ 14 January  [Recording: XX36:XX00]: Update given. Check transcript starting in page #22 for more details.

Topic 057: Presentation: What is ahead for ICANN in 2019


→ 14 January  [Recording: XX44:XX]:15]: From transcript : "...There’s security, ICANN’s governance model, the DNS and unique identifiers, geopolitical issues and financial health.". Check transcript starting in page #26 for more detail

Topic 058:Report on the Universal Acceptance Steering Committee Group

LEAD: Michael Casadevall

OPEN: 14 January 2019, CLOSED: 14 January 201

TYPE: Policy

DESCRIPTION: Report on the face-to-face meeting participation held by this organization

→ 14 January  [Recording: 31:08] Report provided. Check transcript starting in page #20 for more details.

Topic 059: RIR Outreach

LEAD: Judith Hellerstein

OPEN: 14 January 2019, CLOSED: 

TYPE: Outreach

DESCRIPTION: to provide a report on RIR outreach efforts

→ 14 January  [Recording: 38:45] Report provided. From transcript: "Many RIRs have grant programs and other community programs. ARIN is the only RIR that does not have any of those programs, so we have to think of different ways of trying to work with them. We had originally thought of an idea several years ago to do a liaison position with them, but they had turned that down then, thinking that they were afraid of favoritism. But we are going to try to reintroduce the idea again, but also trying to figure out our topic so that we can get the RIRs to know us more and us to know what they are doing." Check transcript starting in page #23 for more details.

6. Any Other Business (AOB)

This section is for any new discussions not in the agenda for this meeting.



059*: [Topic title here]

LEAD: [name]

OPEN: [open date], CLOSED:


Supplemental Initial Report on the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process (Overarching Issues & Work Tracks 1-4)
The ALAC put on record their responses, suggestions and in some cases, advocacy, to the preliminary recommendations, options and questions in the Report. In particular, the ALAC strongly opposes the retention of the regular highest-bid auction process which was used in the 2012 round (“regular auctions”) as the mechanism of last resort for resolution of contention sets within the Program, proposing instead that the ICANN Community explore the introduction of a multiplier-enhanced Vickrey auction, while supporting ways to increase avenues for voluntary resolutions of contention sets in order to avoid auctions. The ALAC also notably does not support a total ban of all forms of private resolutions, but is are strongly in favor of disallowing forms of private resolutions which result in a ‘losing’ applicant gaining or being promised a financial benefit in return for withdrawing their application in a contention set, including and especially private auctions..

Application for New Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) Dispute-Resolution Service Provider
The ALAC strongly supports the proposal for a new UDRP Dispute Resolution Provider, viewing it beneficial to the interests of all Internet end users, particularly to domain name registrants.


Current Statements (ALAC Advice, Comment or Correspondence)