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December 2016

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

June 2016

EURALO organised several activities at the ICANN 56 meeting in Helsinki:

A meeting of members of the EURALO Task Force on ALS engagement decided to ask for external counsel and help on re-drafting bylaws. The decision was made to re-start drafting a new set of bylaws based on a Swiss form of bylaws, which allows for a much simpler document that aligns better with the mission and form of a Regional At-Large Organisation (RALO).

May 2016

EURALO’s main activities in May concentrated on the selection of its next ALAC member starting at the ICANN meeting in autumn. As there were two candidates nominated by the community, Veronica Cretu (Individual member) and Bastiaan Goslings (ISOC Netherlands), we had to conduct an Online voting with support of At-Large Staff in May. Both candidates submitted prior statements on the respective workspace and questions of gender and regional balance were equally considered. In the final vote Veronica Cretu was selected with a majority of 19 votes against 10 votes for Bastiaan Goslings for a two-years-term. During our monthly call we continued our preparations for the next General Assembly (GA) inline with the next ICANN Helsinki meeting by drafting an Agenda and preparing our Annual Report 2015-16. This year again EURALO selected five of its members under the CROPP program to attend the next EuroDIG on 9-10 June in Brussels – an annual key opportunity for outreach.