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In the week prior to the voting period, we will organize a confcall for the membership to ask candidates. The date/time will be decided and shared during that week.candidates confcall is scheduled for Friday 18th Nov at 13:00UTC.

VI Voting

The vote is weighted in NCUC and as indicated in current NCUC bylaws ( Article VI voting): individual:1, small:1, large:2


2016 Annual Election of ICANN's Noncommercial User Constituency (NCUC)


Please find the candidates’ statements here:


You can see the proposed new bylaws here:


Important Remarks: 

1. For Bylaws voting: please select either Yes or No. If you choose both your vote won’t be counted.
2. For all positions, please select 1 candidate only; if you select more than 1 your vote won’t be counted
3. You can change your vote until the deadline on 4th December 23:59 UTC. Only the last selection will be counted.
4. You can vote for all Executive Committee positions regardless of what region you are in.
5. If you don't select any choice for a seat, the vote for that seat will be counted as zero.
6. You will receive several reminders during the election with the same link to your ballot. The weight of your vote is indicated in the ballot (1 for individual, 1 for small organisation and 2 for large organisation).
7. The candidate with the most votes wins. If the abstention count is greater than any candidate for a seat, the seat will remain vacant.

Thank you for participating in NCUC!

I NCUC Bylaws approval:   
    Please select 1 choice:

    [] Yes
    []  No

II. NCUC Chair  (1-year term)
    Please select 1 choice:

    [] Farzaneh Badii    
    [] Abstain            

III. Five (5) NCUC Executive Committee  members

   Europe 1 seat  (1-year term)

   Please select 1 choice:        

    [ ] Tatiana Tropina
    [ ] Raoul Plommer   
    [ ] Abstain      

    Africa  1 seat  (1-year term)   

    Please select 1 choice:

    [ ] Benjamin Akinmoyeje 
    [ ] Hago Daffala
    [ ] Ines Hfaiedh 
    [ ] Abstain          

    Asia Pacific   1 seat  (1-year term)   
    Please select 1 choice:

    [ ] Elsa Saade
    [ ] Rao Naveed Bin Rais
    [ ] David Cake
    [ ] Abstain        

    North America   1 seat  (1-year term)   
    Please select 1 choice:

    [ ] Anna Loup
    [ ] Abstain


    Latin America & Caribbean 1seat (1-year term)
    Please select 1 choice:
Image Added

    [ ] João Carlos R. Caribe
    [ ] Renata Aquino Ribeiro
    [ ] Abstain