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No.RecommendationRecipientThematic Group SourceAssigneesStatus
2ICANN should increase support (budget, staff) to programmes having brought valuable members to the community.ICANN StaffTG1
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Capacity Building
  • Finance and Budget

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Implementation Details

The At-Large Community has made ICANN recognizes the fundamental importance of the representation and participation of users in ICANN’s multistakeholder model. At-Large assignees have also played an active role in shaping ICANN programs that bring users to the community.

Besides the programs mentioned in recommendation no.1, ICANN has strengthened the Leadership Training Program, Language Services, online courses, and remote participation to realize the engagement goal. The Global Stakeholder Engagement has used At-Large’s outreach calendar to track and join regional events that interest users, and its synergy with the Regional At-Large Organizations has made the implementation of regional strategies possible. Recently, ICANN Finance Department has adopted the At-Large proposal to integrate the At-Large multiyear schedule of General Assemblies and Summits into ICANN’s Five-Year Operating Plan.

As a result of these increased supports, At-Large has been better funded to engage more users in ICANN activities physically and remotely.

Next Step

At-Large will continue collaborating with ICANN staff to ensure the lasting success of those programs and will help develop future outreach programs and services.