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2ICANN should increase support (budget, staff) to programmes having brought valuable members to the community.ICANN StaffTG1
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Capacity Building
  • Finance and Budget

titleIn Progress
Pending conversation with Xavier Calvez and Nora Abusitta in ICANN 54
- No response required




    • During ICANN 54 in Dublin, the ALAC to meet with Xavier Calvez to discuss FY17 Special Budget Request, with a focus on core activities/programs such as the Leadership Training Program
    • During ICANN 54 in Dublin, the ALAC to meet with Nora Abusitta to discuss this recommendation and the Next Gen Program, ICANN Fellowship, and Auction Proceeds
  • (O&E SC): 
    • O&E SC co-chairs to review the appropriate O&E programs and come up with key ideas for those programs. This can be a preparatory work for the conversation with Xavier. 
    • Staff to invite the O&E SC co-chairs to the RALO secretariat session that will review the FY17 special budget request (Tue 29 Sep, 18:00 UTC); to add this as an agenda item 

    • During ICANN 54 in Dublin, the ALAC to meet with GSE Staff and discuss the lack of communications/collaboration/synergy between GSE and some RALOs in outreach & engagement activities (exception: AFRALO has a very good synergy with AFRICANN). 
    • Outreach & Engagement SC to review the list of programs identified and see which ones are the most beneficial with great ROIs that need to be kept

    • Capacity Building WG to report on this recommendation