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“CWG-RFP3 and 4 should have considered this in their work and this should only be a final sanity check to produce the text confirming this requirement once 3 and 4 are completed.”

5.   AOB


Notes & Action Items

The group may want a repository for information about outreach/inreach. Note that outreach/inreach is actually RFP6. 

Cheryl will be coordinator for the group.

ACTION: Lise will send 2 notes: one about continuing outreach (RFP6), and one about RFP5 scope and recruiting volunteers and announcing Cheryl.  


How do we want to structure the work of RFP5?

- follow the structure of the 5 questions and provide a table format as well that matches to documents, links, etc

- target audience in principle is the ICG. Also the chartering organizations


ACTION: Staff (Berry) to setup a collaborative workspace (Wiki preferred for more access in AP region)

Berry to contact technology task force


Weekly meetings (Day? Time?)

  • UTC+11 (Cheryl) 
  • UTC-5 (Avri) Avri would prefer early hours

ACTION: Grace to look at calendar





The Adobe Connect recording is available here:

The audio recording is available here: