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Chat: Chat 18 May 2011

Recording: ENGLISH





1.  Roll call – Staff (2 min)


2.  Review of 11  11 May action items -- Pavan (5 min)

  1. ICANN staff will get back to us about the timing and date for the showcase event, which would be confirmed.
  2. Pavan would follow up with staff about the catering for the event and the costing for that.
  3. Pavan would outreach to the ALS’es for their information and also ask them for their video or PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Sponsorship letter was to be drafted by Pavan and put on the wiki for everyone to comment.
  5. Outreach for keynote speakers to be done by Pavan and Charles.
  6. Marilyn to get back to APRALO about the Board's schedule for the suggested Monday meeting.

3.  Decision of Showcase day and time – 10 min -- Pavan (5 min)

Time/Date have been finalized, updates on the venue to be given by staff
4.  :  Monday, 20 June, 2:30--3:30 pm Singapore time

4.  Report on possible rooms (from ICANN Meetings team) -- Seth (5 min)

5.  Report on possible catering costs (from ICANN Meetings team) -- Gisella (5 min) 

6.  Update on the to-do list and progress -- Pavan and others (10 min)

See APRALO Showcase main workspace


See APRALO Showcase proposed event program

57.  Keynote Speaker discussion – Pavan (10 min)

Professor Ang to give some advice and offer suggestions on keynote speakers in Singapore region.

Charles to discuss other possible choices and how to reach out.

8. Sponsorship letter Draft -- Charles, Pavan (10 min)

With draft now finalized, now need to figure out who whom to send it out to.

69. Outreach to Internet-user organizations in/near Singapore – Pavan (5 min)

Professor Ang to give some advice on which internetto suggest which Internet-user organizations we could to reach out to.  

What Discussion of what local organizations could we to invite to the showcase?Showcase.  Need volunteer.
7 10.  Any other business – Pavan (5 min)

911. Next Meeting -- Pavan (5 mins)

Every Should meetings be every week or every other week?  Time and day?