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Registration Directory Service (RDS) - Program Management



  • Overarching Action Item: GNSO Council leadership, in collaboration with support staff, to propose a timeframe and mechanism for addressing the following RDS related issues, taking into account their respective requirements as noted below; GNSO Council leadership to provide an update to the GNSO Council during its May 2020 meeting.
    •  GNSO Council leadership and staff to schedule a future prep call to discuss the RDS program management issues. 
  • EPDP Phase 2
    •  Staff (Marika) to work with Rafik to develop a framework document to identify a list of topics (e.g., accuracy, legal vs. natural, and other remainder items from the EPDP) and outline the next steps for the EPDP for the GNSO Council to consider; GNSO Council leadership to circulate the framework document prior to the June Council meeting; Rafik to inform Janis about the upcoming framework document.
    •  Keith to develop a draft GNSO Council response to the SSAC letter, correcting any inaccuracies.
    •  Staff (Berry) to develop a PCR for the EPDP to be reviewed/discussed during the June Council meeting.
  • EPDP Phase 1 Recommendation 7: GNSO Council needs to further discuss the Board letter about the potential impasse concerning the implementation of EPDP Phase 1 Recommendation 7, and based on the discussion, draft a response to the ICANN Board. 
    •  GNSO Council leadership to instruct the Council Liaison to the IRT to engage with the IRT in order to understand the nature of the impasse regarding Phase 1 Recommendation 7, if it exists, and the next steps to address such impasse.
    •  GNSO Councilors to review the draft letter and provide feedback on Council list by Thursday, 28 May COB; Pam to propose appropriate revision to the letter to reflect the GNSO Council liaison’s engagement with the IRT.
  • EPDP Phase 1 Recommendation 27: GNSO Council needs to solicit input from SGs/Cs on the staff proposal, and based on the feedback received, determine whether the staff proposal should be adopted and if so, how the relevant actions should be moved forward. 
  • Registry Directory Service Review Team Recommendations: GNSO Council needs to solicit input from SGs/Cs on the two recommendations passed by the ICANN Board, and based on the feedback received, draft a response to the ICANN Board. 
    •  GNSO Council leadership to review the draft staff document and consider circulation on the Council list.
  • WHOIS Procedure Implementation Advisory Group (WPIAG): GNSO Council needs to solicit input from SGs/Cs and determine whether/how to initiate the work of the WPIAG (see charter).
    •  GNSO Council leadership to review the draft staff document and consider circulation on the Council list.

GNSO Prioritization



  •  Keith Drazek to encourage councilors to share the survey feedback received from their groups on the Council mailing list (missing IPC and ISPCP)
  •  GNSO Council, in collaboration with GNSO Support Staff, to develop a framework of prioritization for upcoming GNSO policy work based on the input received from GNSO Councilors and their respective stakeholder groups/constituencies and input from the broader ICANN community/ICANN Board.
  •  GNSO Support Staff to research and incorporate the deliberation on the Internationalized Registration Data
  (IRD) issue in the prioritization list, as appropriate.  
  •  GNSO Councilors to continue consulting with their respective groups in preparation for further Council discussion and/or decision during the March 2020 Council meeting.
  •  GNSO Councilors to review the draft 2020 work plan and provide input on the Council list by 1 May 2020; next steps regarding the work plan are expected to be discussed during the May 2020 Council meeting
  •  Council leadership and staff to provide a more detailed, actionable GNSO work prioritization plan and present the update during the June Council meeting.
  •  Staff (Berry & Steve) to update the project list by adding projects such as the Specific Reviews and identifying relevant parties that are primarily responsible for that work.

Report from the Transfer Policy Scoping Team



  •  GNSO Councilors to review the Report from the Transfer Policy Scoping Team and engage with their respective SG/C in preparation for the Council vote on the request for an Issue Report during the May 2020 Council meeting.

PDP3.0 Final Report



  •  GNSO Support Staff to work with the GNSO Council leadership on the deployment of improvements based on the effective time frame proposed by the PDP 3.0 Small Team.
  •  GNSO Council to carry out the other future action items in the “resolved” clauses at appropriate time, as directed in the motion.

Managing IDN Variants TLDs



  •  Staff to develop options paper to support small group efforts
  •  GNSO Chair to send message to Council list to expand volunteer pool expertise beyond Council. Small team to consider and propose scope of holistic IDN review, prior to outreach with ccNSO. (Volunteers: Rubens Kuhl, Maxim Alzoba, Philippe Fouquart, Edmon Chung, Michele Neylon) (Small team believes it has requisite expertise and adequate volunteers)
  •  GNSO Chair to email Katrina Sataki to inform her of immediate next steps and willingness determine the best coordination method between the GNSO and ccNSO.
  •  Once GNSO small team is able to gain an understanding of the scope of effort and potential vehicle for resolution, ICANN staff to schedule call to identify structure for coordination between the GNSO and ccNSO. GNSO and ccNSO to identify where coordination is and is NOT needed. 
  •  ICANN staff to reach out to Maarten Simon and Philippe Fouquart to determine if they are willing to lead action items above. (Both Maarten and Philippe are members of the scoping team)
  •  ICANN staff to investigate format for JIG and see if it may be fit for purpose. (Upon review, this letter concerning the closure of the JIG was found. It will be discussed by the Council small team.)
  •  ICANN Staff to ensure that GNSO liaison(s) are assigned to the IDN ccPDP, when the ccNSO initiates that effort
  •  ICANN Staff to investigate who (e.g., Council liaison, other)
  •  Council leadership to support coordination between SubPro leadership and ccNSO to discuss string similarity.
  •  GNSO Councilors to review the IDN Scoping team Recommendation Report by the March 2020 Council meeting; Keith to send a reminder to the Council list.
  •  GNSO Council to use the revised charter template and other related PDP 3.0 work products to develop a draft charter for a future PDP/EPDP for the IDN policy effort, consider potential overlap of IDN PDP with other GNSO PDPs
, and report to the GNSO Council on whether these PDP 3.0 work products help achieve the intended outcomes.

Steve Chan Ariel Liang

Regarding the JIG format, the small team is not ready to look at that yet. but it's on their radar.

Evolution of the Multi stakeholder Model of Governance




  •  Staff to investigate the anticipated timing, funding and expected deliverables for the Evolution of the Multi stakeholder Model of Governance project. 
  •  ICANN staff to invite Brian Cute to a future Council meeting
  •  Rafik Dammak to invite Brian Cute to future PDP 3.0 meeting to make sure to not create overlapping work on the Evolution of the MSM
  •  PDP3.0 small team to draft response to Public Comment and submit to Council for review.  Consider inviting Brian once the Public Comment closes.
  •  GNSO Council to organize a community sharing session about PDP 3.0 implementation work that aligns with the MSM evolution project before or during ICANN69 (specific timing/format TBD)  

CCWG-Accountability Workstream 2 Next Steps


  •  Keith to circulate the WS2 Implementation Assessment Report to the GNSO Council to kick off the discussion about CCWG-Accountability WS2 next steps. 
  •  GNSO Council leadership to raise the “CCWG-Accountability WS2 next steps” topic during the next SO/AC leadership meeting and propose the idea of developing a joint letter to seek further communications from ICANN org regarding the progress. 
  •  GNSO Council leadership, in collaboration with interested volunteers (e.g.,  James Gannon, Philippe Fouquart, and Tom Dale), to tee up the Council discussion of the CCWG-Accountability Workstream 2 topic for a future Council meeting.

DNS Abuse 


  •  GNSO Council to reach out to the ccNSO, at an appropriate time, to discuss potential next steps to address DNS abuse issues. 



  •  GNSO Council leadership to review the documents wiki page and consider which items need to be kept: 
  •  Keith to remind the GNSO Councilors about the mandatory attendance in the Pre ICANN68 GNSO Policy Briefing Webinar. 

EPDP 2 team request for input on data accuracy



  •  Keith Drazek to send an email to the GNSO Council mailing list regarding the possible next steps regarding the data accuracy issue, with the aim to provide a response to the EPDP Team by Friday, 13 March