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EPDP Team Phase 2 Working Definitions

For reference, these definitions were pulled from the following document: EPDP Phase 2 Working Definitions upd 30 May 2019 (2).docx.


Note: these working definitions are intended to ensure that the same meaning is associated with the different terms that are used throughout the EPDP Team deliberations. These working definitions are by no means intended to limit the scope or predetermine the outcome of the EPDP Team’s deliberations. Once the EPDP Team finalizes its deliberations, it will revisit these working definitions and adjust them, as needed, so that they align with the EPDP Team’s recommendations. This alignment should also consider definitions that have been adopted in the context of other efforts such as the Privacy and Proxy Services Accreditation Implementation (PPSAI).


             Legal obligation - an obligation under applicable national or international laws or regulations which the data controller and/or data processor is subject to (not a contractual obligation).