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(2018.06.23.13), the Board directs the ALAC to convene an At-Large review implementation working group that oversees the implementation process of the implementation proposals contained in the At-Large Review Implementation Overview Proposal, including through the development of a detailed implementation plan. The Board expects that the implementation plan will expand on the implementation steps detailed in the At-Large Review Implementation Overview Proposal, including through identification of metrics for each implementation, a concise overview of the current state for each of the ALAC's proposals, a clearly defined goal of the implementation objectives, and a methodology of how to measure implementation progress on an ongoing basis.

(2018.06.23.14), the Board directs the ALAC to work with ICANN organization to include expected budgetary implication for each of the implementation steps into its detailed implementation plan. The implementation plan shall incorporate a phased approach that allows for easy-to-implement and least costly improvements to be implemented first, with those items with more significant budget implications addressed via subsequent budget cycles. Any budgetary requests should be made in line with ICANN organization's budgeting processes. The detailed implementation plan shall be submitted to the Board as soon as possible, but no later than six (6) months after the adoption of this resolution.

(2018.06.23.15), the Board directs the At-Large review implementation working group to provide to the OEC semiannual written implementation reports on progress against the implementation plan, including, but not limited to, progress toward metrics detailed in the implementation plan and use of allocated budget.

Membership of the ARIWG


The ARIWG is intended to be a relatively small, yet regionally balanced working group convened by the ALAC in July/August 2018. Members will be appointed by the ALAC, but all lists, meetings and activities will be open to Observers from the ICANN Community and Participants from At-Large. 

Meetings of the ARIWG


All meeting records including Recordings, Minutes or Notes and Action Items, along with Chat transcript from main meeting rooms and Attendance Records (other than any held 'in camera' and these will be reported on in the manner of the ALAC) are public and will be published. Please note that photos, video and images may be taken during ARIWG meetings and activities and these may be Published or used in Social Media;  if you do not wish to be identified in these records, transcripts or have images taken, then you must inform At-Large Staff and the Chair.  ALAC and At-Large may also use meeting records, transcripts etc., in various forms of metrics and reporting associated with ALAC / At-Large or ARIWG work.


Previous Meeting: 11 September 2018

Key Workspaces of the ARIWG

Key Documents of the ARIWG



Staff Support Leads: Heidi Ullrich and Evin Erdoğdu