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  • OFAC recommendation approved to be submitted independently to the plenary today for consideration at the 11 October meeting including change to Resident section as discussed.
  • Choice of Law – update draft text with suggestions made at this meeting and put it up on list for discussion to be finalized on 11 October.
  • A draft final report will be provided to the list ASAP but will need to be approved at the 11 October sub-group meeting.
  • A final report of draft recommendations for the sub-group will have to be submitted for 11 October 23:59 UTC.

Action Items:

  • GS to submit OFAC recommendation for 11 October plenary.
  • GS to update Choice of law draft text per discussions today.
  • GS and staff to produce a draft final report for consideration by the sub-group on 11 October.


  • Participants review choice of law draft and draft final report.