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  1. CL&D implementation only specifies one date, there is no early bound stated for when registries can implement the requirements, other than that it must be done by August 1. Is there an "earliest by" date for implementation or are all registries expected to implement the requirements on exactly August 1?

    1. There is no “earliest by” or “not to be deployed before” date for the CL&D policy implementation. The policy effective date is 1 August 2017 but registries may implement before this date.

  2. Do the Registrar Abuse Contact Email and Registrar Abuse Contact phone number fields need to be populated or just presented/included? Can null or empty fields be displayed and still be considered compliant?

    1. The Registry Registration Data Directory Services Consistent Labeling and Display Policy requires that Registrar Abuse Contact Email and Registrar Abuse Contact Phone fields be displayed with data. They cannot be empty.

  3. The CL&D Policy, allows registry operators to use additional RDDS fields but the list of these additional fields need to be first submitted to ICANN. How should this list be provided to ICANN? 

    1. Per section 12 in the CL&D Policy, prior to deployment, if additional fields are used in the RDDS output the Registry Operator SHALL provide the list of all additional RDDS fields to ICANN. Registry Operator SHALL provide to ICANN any changes to the list of additional RDDS fields prior to deploying such changes.  Please use this template to list each additional RDDS field and indicate the corresponding data type and provide the completed document to ICANN by creating a new case in the GDD Portal or email to

  4. Who should I contact if I have questions?

    1. Submit questions via with the following subject heading “Inquiry – Thick Whois Transition Policy.”