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SLIDES: To be provided


To be provided 

(subject to refinement): 

Primary Objective: Maximize use of F2F time to start deliberation beyond "min public data set" (MPDS)

1. Introductions and SOI Updates (08:30-08:35)

2. Background (08:35-08:45)

a) Brief overview of WG charter and work plan
b) WG rules and expectations of PDP WG members

3. Brief updates on: legal analysis, ccTLD responses (08:45-09:00)

4. Cross-Community Session results (09:00-09:30)

a) Plan to consolidate/review/reflect feedback
b) Plan to finish deliberation on "min public data set" (MPDS)

5. Start deliberation beyond "minimum public data set" (09:30-12:00, including break)

a) gTLD registration data element buckets (MPDS)

    •  Minimum public data set
    •  "Thin data" elements not yet addressed
    •  "Thick data" elements, including Registrant data, Admin/Tech contact data
    •  New data elements that may be required

b) Choose most effective starting point for Tasks 12/cd

    •   See Work Plan Task 12 for approach to reach consensus on Foundational Question
    •   12c = Key concepts for UP, DE, PR for data beyond MPDS
    •   12d = Key concepts for GA for data beyond MPDS
    •   Initial focus on Legal person data or Natural person data?

c) Deliberate on chosen charter question for chosen data "bucket"

6. Confirm next meeting date: 11 July at 16.00 UTC

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Notes - RDS PDP WG Meetings at ICANN59


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