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Draft Final Status Report and Recommendations - ML

Notes 03 October 2016 meeting

Action item #1: CG members to review latest version of Final Status Report by Friday 7 October 23:59 UTC at the latest.


1. Welcome / Roll Call

Please state names for transcription purposes

In Helsinki, the leadership team committed to review the survey results, review next steps in light of outstanding items per the charter and develop an approach with the aim to complete CG work by ICANN57

Draft Final Status Report & Recommendations developed as a result and shared with CG for review and input

A number of comments were received and an updated version was developed as a result

Objective is to deliver Final Status Report & Recommendations to the GNSO & GAC in time for ICANN57 to allow for review and consideration during the meeting.

Aim to complete review of final status report on this call or shortly thereafter so that the document can be finalised for submission.


2. Review of latest version of final status update and recommendations

Take the document as read - invite CG members to indicate any further comments / questions

Set deadline for final comments / edits following which the document will be submitted to the GNSO & GAC. Consider deadline for comments / edits by Friday 7 October, distribution of Final version to GAC & GNSO on Monday 10 October, which would allow for initial discussion during 13 October GNSO Council meeting and an exchange of views during joint GAC-GNSO session at ICANN57 followed by formal consideration / adoption at ICANN57 by the GNSO and GAC. If there is a need for additional time, CG members are encouraged to communicate this on the mailing list as soon as possible (e.g. additional time until Monday to allow for CG members to review over the weekend).

One of the challenges for the GAC is capacity building to connect with PDPs and GAC leadership oversight.

Need a champion to pass on the baton within the GAC. GNSO Liaison provides all relevant information, but not to do the work for the GAC. Consider adding an additional recommendation to this end. 

Also consider flagging this to the leadership team of both groups and suggest including it as a topic for the joint session.


Action item #1: CG members to review latest version of Final Status Report by Friday 7 October 23:59 UTC at the latest.


Action item #2: Staff to finalise Final Status Report & Recommendations for submission to GAC & GNSO by 11 October at the latest.


Action item #3: Leadership team to consider how to add to the report notion that the work will need to be carried forward within the GAC following the completion of the CG's work.


3. Confirm next steps

See action item #1 and #2. Expected to be part of the agenda for the joint GAC-GNSO meeting at ICANN57.