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Attendees: Greg Shatan, Holly Gregory, Jonathan Robinson, Josh Hofheimer, Lise Fuhr, Maarten Simon, Rebecca Grapsas, Sharon Flanagan, Yael Resnick

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   1. Discussion of “Proposed Principal Terms of IANA Intellectual Property Agreements”

   2. Update on work in progress (PTI Articles, Bylaws, Naming & Intercompany Agreements)

   3. AOB

Notes & Action Items


  • In discussions with other communities on IANA IPR, their understanding was that we had agreed to the IETF Trust. There is pressure to move forward with the IETF Trust. Greg has worked through Sidley's assessment and proposed responses.
  • Walk through "Key Issues" document row by row

Action(Sidley): Sidley to revise their comment based on the discussion today (to be solution-oriented)

Action (Client Committee): Plan is to communicate revised / resolved comments from Sidley and to invite IETF Trustee / Representatives from other operating communities to meet for a session of clarifying questions

2. Update on PTI-related work in progress

  • Sidley working with ICANN directly on these documents
  • Sidley provided comments on the latest versions.
  • Sidley has no information on the status of naming and intercompany agreements. Next conversation with ICANN is likely to be about why these documents need to be separate agreements.
  • Concern related to PTI Articles of Incorporation: Are ccTLDs that are not members of the ccNSO being ruled out in the PTI AOI's purpose language (too tied to ICANN?)?

Action(Sidley): Sidley will send latest comments to the Client Committee list as part of keeping the CWG informed.

Action(Chairs): raise the ccTLD concern as part of public comment on PTI AoI from CWG to ICANN (see language above for detail).

3. AOB



The transcript will be posted here shortly


Documents Presented

Chat Transcript

  Brenda Brewer: (7/7/2016 09:13) Good day all and welcome to Client Committee Meeting #22 on 7 July 2016 @ 14:30 UTC!

  Jonathan Robinson: (09:29) Hello All

  Grace Abuhamad: (09:32) Should we start recording?

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (09:32) Hello all

  Grace Abuhamad: (09:35) Sidley folks -- Is Yael Resnick a new member of your team?

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (09:36) Yes, she is assisting me with the IANA-IPR related agreements.  Thanks.

  Grace Abuhamad: (09:36) Great thank you

  Grace Abuhamad: (09:37) Doc is unsynced to allow for scrolling

  Maarten Simon: (09:37) sorry,had to finalize other call

  Holly J. Gregory (Sidley): (09:39) they are being very clear that they want us to find solutions.  I think the trust IS currently permitted to own

  Holly J. Gregory (Sidley): (09:42) Agree that IETF purpose contemplates ownership of intellectual property

  Jonathan Robinson: (09:59) Neither Greg nor I are experienced in the working of the trust. We could ask for information as Geg suggests and / or ask for certain undertakings of future transparency.

  Maarten Simon: (10:00) would be ideal to set up a meeting between trustees and Sidley

  Jonathan Robinson: (10:01) @Maarten. Agreed. Or provide the trustees with the revised Sidley comments and seek their responses / assuracnes.

  Maarten Simon: (10:02) i think a conference call or better even a live meeting would be beneficiary as that makes it easy for the discussion go back and forth

  Jonathan Robinson: (10:02) @Maarten. Understood.

  Jonathan Robinson: (10:03) How do Sidely feel about the utility of this? Is it necessary / will it be helpful to meet directly with one or more IETF trustees?

  Holly J. Gregory (Sidley): (10:05) If thsat is the best way to get a sense of how they operate and what the accountability/transparency mechanisms are, it may be helpful. 

  Jonathan Robinson: (10:05) @Greg. OK. I now see that the documents are posted on the client committee mailing list

  Jonathan Robinson: (10:12) @Josh. Seems like a reasonable proposal to me

  Lise Fuhr: (10:14) Just joined - sorry to be late

  Maarten Simon: (10:14) Hi Lise

  Lise Fuhr: (10:15) Hello

  Lise Fuhr: (10:16) Good idea

  Grace Abuhamad: (10:17) I stepped away for a minute to take a call -- will need to review the recording for that action Jonathan -- apologies

  Lise Fuhr: (10:20) We have 10 min left for the rest

  Jonathan Robinson: (10:20) @Grace. Plan is to communicate revised / resolved comments from Sidley and to invite IETF Trustee / Represetnatives from other operating communities to meet for a session of clarifying questions

  Grace Abuhamad: (10:20) thanks @jonathan

  Greg Shatan: (10:22) We need to consider how to deal with the first drafts of the Agreements received from IETF Trust.  I wouldn't want those to get put aside for very long.  The sooner we can turn them, the more likely that our changes will be favorably received.

  Lise Fuhr: (10:24) Agree

  Jonathan Robinson: (10:31) @Greg. Do you have a suggestion to deal with drafts of agreeements

  Sharon Flanagan: (10:35) We also heard from ICANN that the draft PTI contract would be coming next week.

  Greg Shatan: (10:37) Thank you all!

  Josh Hofheimer (Sidley): (10:37) Thanks!

  Maarten Simon: (10:37) thanks and bye

  Lise Fuhr: (10:37) Bye all thank you

  Holly J. Gregory (Sidley): (10:37) Thanks Jonathan and Lise and Gre and Maarten!