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Besides this, EURALO members (Sandra, Wolfgang, Olivier and Wolf) were working on a substantiated project proposal for a ICANN Academy which is no under review by ICANN Staff and ALAC -- see:\|display/Improve/ICANN+Academy+Proposal

June 2011

Please see here for Russian Version\ download/attachments/2263577/EURALO+Secretariat+Monthly+Reports+Russian.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1310577645000

This month's EURALO conference call and activities focused on the following subjects:


EURALO's input into the process can be found on:\&#124


It consisted primarily of proposals for two projects:


EURALO's conference call agendas for December 2010\ and January 2011\ were set-up to follow-up on the main items of discussion which had been suspended, namely:

  • Options to include individual members in EURALO Structure (wiki page)\
  • Options to Change EURALO Term Limits\
  • Suggested bylaw changes to align the elections of the EURALO Board with that of the ALAC representative (wiki page)\
  • And other possible bylaw amendments to streamline and reconcile them with the reality of today's EURALO structure.