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AFRALO Report from Brussels to Cartagena (June-December 2010)

Pdf version (covering the period from the Brussels meeting in June 2010 until the Cartagena meeting in December 2010)

AFRALO activity Report (September 2010)

The main AFRALO activities of January 2011 have concerned the following issues:

AFRALO activities for September were mainly focussed on the organization of a workshop during the 5th Internet Governance Forum at Vilnius on new gTLDs and IDNs for Development: Importance and Obstacles to address, with very rich panellists:
• The new gTLDs program, history, opportunities and barriers in developing countries;
• The IDNs ccTLD fast track implementation
• The impact of new gTLDs and IDNs on the development of poor countries and communities,
This workshop was in line with the objectives of AFRALO to involve more Africans in ICANN’s activities and internet policy development processes through information, sensitization and capacity building actions.
1. Participation of AFRALO members in the IGF Vilnius:
ICANN was invited to provide travel support for 4 AFRALO members involved in this workshop (organizer, moderator and speakers) but declined as this wasn’t within their budget.
Several obstacles were to be overcome: the 4 AFRALO members succeeded in finding other ways of attending the IGF meeting, organized their workshop, and made brilliant contributions with the leadership of Tijani, the initiator and organizer, Fatimata, the moderator and Olivier, the remote moderator.
While the workshop was an ICANN event, organized to improve the effective participation of ICANN in the IGF and its visibility as a substantive contributor, it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of entities other than ICANN
2. AFRALO workshop @ IGF Vilnius:
Despite the fact that the AFRALO workshop took place the first day of the IGF at the first time slot (9:00-11:00), and exactly at the same time as the ICANN open forum, it was a very big success: The room was full of people from different backgrounds from the beginning to the end, the event ended later than 11:00 and people didn't want to leave the room.
2 members of the ICANN Board attended the whole workshop and participated in the debate. The Chairman of the ICANN board attended the last part and also participated in the debate.
The AFRALO team was asked by the IGF secretary to intervene in the main session on Internet critical resources. With a document presented by the AFRALO chair, the team gave feedback on the workshop and provided additional inputs concerning the new gTLD program and the JAS Working Group progress about the support to be given to needy applicants for new gTLD.

AFRALO activity Report (September 2010)

The main AFRALO activities from Seoul to Nairobi have concerned the following issues: