Board directs the CEO to post the final report from the Joint Working Group for public comment and dissolves the Board-GAC Joint Working Group. 


Whereas, the Board created the Board-GAC Joint Working Group (JWG) to review the GAC's role within ICANN, consider measures to enhance support of the GAC's work, and to propose better ways for governments to be informed about ICANN and for enhanced opportunities for the GAC to meet with the ICANN Board and community.

Whereas, the JWG submitted its final report for consideration.

Whereas, the JWG has now concluded the work called for in the working group's terms of reference.

Resolved (2011.06.24.24), the Board receives the final report from the JWG, acknowledges the work of JWG members and thanks them for producing this report.

Resolved (2011.06.24.25), the Board directs the CEO to post the JWG report for public comment.

Resolved (2011.06.24.26), the Board hereby dissolves the Board-GAC Joint Working Group.

Implementation Actions

  • Post the final report from the JWG for public comment. 
    • Responsible entity: CEO 
    • Due date: None provided 
    • Completion date: 7 July 2011 

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