Approves the "Nominating Committee Improvements Implementation Project Plan" and directs CEO to implement it.


Whereas, on 25 June 2010, the Board resolved to direct ICANN Staff, in coordination with the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC), to develop a proposed implementation plan and timeline for the recommendations in the Final Report of the Nominating Committee (NomCom) Review finalization Working Group and to submit these to the SIC for review and Board approval. <>

Whereas, at its 3 November 2010 meeting, the SIC reviewed the "Nominating Committee Improvements Implementation Project Plan" (Project Plan), dated 3 November 2010, and determined that after expansion of the Executive Summary section, the Project Plan should be forwarded to the ICANN Board with a recommendation that the Project Plan be approved.

Whereas, the Project Plan <>, dated 5 November 2010, incorporates an expanded Executive Summary section.

Resolved (2010.12.10.06), the Board approves the "Nominating Committee Improvements Implementation Project Plan" <> dated 5 November 2010, and directs the President to implement it.

Implementation Actions

  • Implement plan
    • Responsible entity: CEO - NomCom Support Staff, and NomCom
    • Due date: None
    • Completion date: Ongoing

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