• Category: ICANN Structures
  • Topic: Appointment of three individuals to serve on the GNSO Council as Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG) members
  • Board meeting date: 30 September 2009
  • Resolution number: 2009.09.30.09, 2009.09.30.10, 2009.09.30.11, 2009.09.30.12, 2009.09.30.13
  • URL for Board minutes/resolution: http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/prelim-report-30sep09.htm
  • Status: Completed

The ICANN Board appointed three GNSO Councilors of the six Council seats reserved for the new Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group to provide time and support for creating a globally diverse and representative NCSG.

Whereas, the Board approved the creation of four new GNSO Stakeholder Group charters, and ICANN Bylaws amendments, to implement the Board's GNSO Improvements Report and seat the new GNSO Council at the 2009 ICANN annual meeting in Seoul, Korea;

Whereas, the Board-approved transitional charter for the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG) grants the Board responsibility to appoint three (3) GNSO Councilors of the six (6) Councilors reserved for the NCSG to provide time and support for creating a globally diverse and representative NCSG;

Whereas, ICANN solicited and received statements of interest from candidates from diverse backgrounds and geographic regions interested in serving on the GNSO Council and expanding non-commercial participation and diversity in the GNSO;

Whereas, the Board's Structural Improvements Committee has carefully evaluated the expertise and qualifications of each of these candidates and has recommended three appointees for Board approval;

Whereas, the Board acknowledges that the NCSG Transitional Charter calls for geographic diversity, to the maximum extent possible, in the selection of NCSG Councilors and the Board has taken this requirement into account in selecting these candidates;

Whereas, that upon Board approval, each of these appointees shall serve as a GNSO Councilor from the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group, and shall be expected to provide leadership and guidance within the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group and encourage the creation of broad, diverse and representative new constituencies advancing global non-commercial interests, including in such areas as consumer interests, research and academia, registrants, and philanthropic interests;

Resolved (2009.09.30.09), that the Board appoints the following candidates to serve as GNSO Councilors for a term of two years: Rosemary Sinclair, Debra Hughes, and Mohamed Rafik Dammak.

Resolved further (2009.09.30.10), that upon Board approval, and if the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group establishes an Executive Committee under the NCSG transition charter, these appointees will serve as members of the NCSG Executive Committee, if they so choose, during their term as GNSO Councilors;

Resolved further (2009.09.30.11), that the Board has reviewed and acknowledges the GNSO Restructure Implementation Plan developed by the GNSO and [expected to be] approved by the GNSO at its 24 September 2009 Council meeting;

Resolved further (2009.09.30.12), that pursuant to Article XX, Section 5(4) of the Bylaws, and the proposed GNSO Restructure Implementation Plan, the Structural Improvements Committee recommends that the effective date of the transition to the new GNSO Council shall be Wednesday, 28 October, 2009;

Resolved further (2009.09.30.13), that ICANN Staff is instructed to take all actions necessary or appropriate in order to carry out the intent of these resolutions in order to facilitate the seating of the new GNSO Council on 28 October 2009.

All Board members in attendance unanimously approved of this resolution.

Implementation Actions

  • Take all actions necessary or appropriate to achieve transition to the new GNSO Council on 28 October 2009
    • Responsible entity: ICANN Staff
    • Due Date: 28 October 2009
    • Completion Date 28 October 2009
  • Appointees service as members of the NCSG Executive Committee if they choose
    • Responsible entity: Appointees, NCSG 
    • Due date:  None specified
    • Completion date: November 2009

Other Related Resolutions

  • TBD

Additional Information

  • No additional funding provided.
  • The appointees' work and leadership in the areas identified by the Board is ongoing.

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