Board approved expenditures for SSAC retreat.


Whereas, ICANN's Security & Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) is proposing to hold a retreat from 30 September through 1 October 2009. The retreat would inform SSAC members, and help the committee prioritize its activities and prepare a work plan;

Whereas, it is anticipated that the budget for the SSAC Retreat, including travel costs, will not exceed US$150,000;

Whereas, the SSAC budget request was not available prior to the approval of the FY10 Budget;

Whereas, on 10 September 2009, a majority of the Board Finance Committee (with one abstention) approved a recommendation to the Board that the costs for the SSAC Retreat are appropriately disbursed from the contingency fund.

Resolved (2009-09-12-03), that up to US$150,000 in expenditures from the contingency fund is approved for funding the 30 September – 1 October 2009 SSAC Retreat.

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  • Funding provided/approved.

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