Board review of Ombudsman reports and response.


Whereas, the Ombudsman has made recommendations to the Board of Directors following certain investigations conducted by the Ombudsman;

Whereas, the Board thanks the Ombudsman for his continuing service to ICANN;

Whereas, the Board has reviewed the Ombudsman's recommendations to the Board; and

Whereas, the Board acknowledges that most of the Ombudsman's recommendations have already been addressed.

It is hereby resolved (2009.07.30.08) that as soon as practicable, Staff shall provide the Ombudsman with Board approved responses to the Ombudsman's outstanding recommendations.

Implementation Actions

  • No action required; Board did not formally approve responses.
    • Responsible entity: None
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: None

Other Related Resolutions

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Additional Information

  • No additional funding provided.

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