Board approves third Nominating Committee Appointee as non-voting GNSO Council member unaligned to either House.


Whereas, during its 28 August 2008 meeting the Board made several important decisions regarding the new GNSO Council's structure, composition, and implementation timing. These decisions included the formation of four new Stakeholder Groups that comprise a new bicameral (two-house) voting structure that was recommended by the Working Group on GNSO Council Restructuring – the WG-GCR.

Whereas, during its 30 September meeting the Board concluded consideration of the WG-GCR Report including its recommendations on Nominating Committee Appointees, election of Council leadership, election of Board seats #13 and #14, voting thresholds for various Council decisions, the role of individual Internet users and their representation within the GNSO, as well as the timing for the implementation of these elements and other key implementation issues.

It is, Resolved (2008.10.01.06), as recommended by the WG-GCR, the Board authorizes a third Council-level non-voting Nominating Committee Appointee to serve on the Council whose presence could preserve an independent aspect on the Council and could provide useful management support as the Council moves toward a working group management function.

Implementation Actions

  • Modify Bylaws to Allow for third Nominating Committee Appointee. 
    • Responsible entity:  ICANN Staff 
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: 28 August 2009

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