Board appoints Jose Luiz Ribeiro Filho as the 2008 Nominating Committee Academic Representative.


Robert Gaetano advised that the Board Governance Committee is recommending the return of Jose Luiz Ribeiro Filho as the academic and research representative to the Nominating Committee. George Sadowsky's views were sought and excellent feedback was received about Jose's contribution to the Nominating Committee so no further research was undertaken to find alternative candidates. Jose Luiz has agreed to serve a second term.

The Chair moved a motion to approve the recommended candidate to serve as the academic representative and Vanda Scartezini seconded the motion.

RESOLVED (07.72) that the Board the appointment, for a second term, of Jose Luiz Ribeiro Filho as the 2008 Nominating Committee Academic Representative.

A voice vote was taken of all Board Members present and the motion was approved unanimously by a vote of 14-0.

Implementation Actions

  • None
    • Responsible entity: Not applicable
    • Due date: None specified
    • Completion date: Not applicable

Other Related Resolutions

  • Board resolution 07.11, adopted 13 March 2007, appointing Jose Luiz Ribeiro Filho as the 2007 Nominating Committee Academic Representative.
  • Other resolutions TBD.

Additional Information

  • Article VII of ICANN's bylaws, addressing the composition and selection of the Nominating Committee, is available at:
  • The resolution does not address funding for the items identified therein.

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